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Ms. Flagg (MissFlagg) | 31 comments Mod
Choose ONE of the following:

1.) If the subject of your nonfiction text was going to do a research paper, what might he/she study?

Analysis Prompt:
He/she would want to research this because.....

2.) Bookmark Choice

Remember to make sure that your topic sentence:
-includes important text info
-restates the key words of the question
-contains your specific answer to the question

Please consult your rubric and models to ensure that you are doing your best work!

For a “4”: Did I….
• Write a topic sentence that provided the claim and important text information, such as the title, author, and genre of my text?
• Provide background of what is happening in the text so my reader understands what I’m talking about? Did I say what was happening at the time of the quote/evidence?
• Find evidence from the text that proves that the change was important?
• Paraphrase (This shows....) and then analyze how my quote proves my claim ("This proves that ____________________was an important moment because.../This interested me because..../I disliked this because..../This changed my point of view because.....)?
• Write a conclusion sentence that restates your claim in a different way?

message 2: by Farhanali (new)

Farhanali | 35 comments In the book No Easy Walk To Freedom a realistic fiction novel bu Barry Denenberg it is about a person named Nelson Mandela who had tried desperately to bring equality to blacks and that when he was trying to do that he ended up in prison but he doesn't give up and that the author explains his condition. For example it said that "he developed a bad back he was put on a salt-free diet because of his high blood pressure. He lost fifty pounds and turned a sickly yellow color. It was rumored that he was suffering from cancer but Mandela would not give up"." (90) What the author wants the reader to learn is that no matter how bad things get you still have to keep on pushing . This shows that the author wanted his reader to never give up on hope and to continue no matter what their obstacles are. This proves that the author was telling the reader to don't stop but keep going towards their dreams. Therefor the author was trying to teach his readers to ignore the pain and to proceed through the major obstacle.

message 3: by Sammy (new)

Sammy | 26 comments In Dan Gutman's historical non-fiction novel, Jackie & Me, the author made the text interesting by adding in descriptive words to describe certain words to give the reader a better understanding of what is happening. Jackie Robinson, an African-American baseball player, was at the plate getting ready for a pitch so he can hit it. As the pitch was coming toward his direction, he was getting ready for action. Therefore, the text states "Jackie dug his back foot into the outside line of the batter's box. He took a deep breath and held both arms extended far away from his body." (65). This shows that these words describe how Jackie is getting prepared to hit the ball. This proves that the author used them to give the reader a better visual of the text. Overall, the author made the text more fascinating by adding in these descriptive words. It makes the text more interesting and engages the reader.

message 4: by Brooke (new)

Brooke Christina | 30 comments In Miles To Go by Miley Cyrus , Miley is trying to teach the reader that being in the spotlight isn't as fun as it sounds . You have to leave all your friends and leave some of your family members behind when you move . Miley Cyrus was only 15 years old when she wrote this book so back then when she was 12 first starting on Hannah Montana, she didn't know what to really expect. Most of the things in the industry were new to her even if she has experienced some things with her dad since her dad is in the industry. Miley had to do a concert and it was really fun for her but nerve wrecking at first because no one knew who she really was because the show has not premiered yet. Being two people, both Miley Stewart and Hannah Montana was kind of difficult but something she has never experienced so she ready to take a challenge. Miley states, "Emily (co-star) always try to be friend but we always ends up getting into an argument" (87) This shows that not everything about being famous is good since she can't get along with costar and maybe further in the book, there is going to be more problems. This proves that Miley is just learning ho her life is going to be from now on. She also needs to just accept what's happening in her life right now. I know she rather have this then be bullied in school again. Overall, Miley is trying to teach the reader something.

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