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Skye (Skye's Scribblings) | 241 comments Mod
Let's discuss!

Please note the page or chapter you're on at the start of your comment so if someone isn't that far yet they can avoid possible spoilers - thank you! :)

Allie | 57 comments Excellent, Seattle steampunk. Can't wait.

Jayne Fury (jaynefury) | 12 comments As a PNW reader, I am constantly amazed at how much Seattle Steampunk there is. He he.. But then Elizabeth Bear is a long time resident of Seattle and has a good handle on the geography and history of her city.

I've met Elizabeth at Foolscap many years ago. She's a delightful lady. I can't wait to read the book. Great choice!

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Gail Carriger (gail_carriger) | 103 comments I'm delighted you are excited! This will be my first if her novels and I am looking forward to it.

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Kris (bibliofilebk) | 3 comments Saw the notice re the giveaway in the nick of time! ;-) Thanks for posting!

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Cori (coridomschot) | 18 comments So excited to get my hands on this! Hope to be posting more in the thread this month!

Skye (Skye's Scribblings) | 241 comments Mod
Stumbled on another giveaway! (Altho the giveaway runs most of the month.) Enter to win here. US/CAN

Jayne Fury (jaynefury) | 12 comments Complete.

********SPOILER ALERT***********

I liked this easy quick read. It made me laugh, shudder and cry. I gave it four stars because it is quite well written, even if I felt a little too "light" for the subject matter.

I had a hard time with the tech descriptions. With no "looked like" I could not imagine the mind control engine. I could not figure out how Karen ran down the street in a sewing machine. But damn, I sure knew what they were eating and wearing by golly!

I love the Marshall. Best character in the book. The description of the rescue from the subs was just freaking brilliant and I cheered. Luckily, I was alone.

Here's where I get cranky. I loved the idea of the strong women. I don't see the need to make strong women who break horses and is "sturdily built" immediately put into the lesbian category. I found that to be a stereotype that did not need any further helping along. I did like that Karen's girlfriend is a tiny, brilliant woman.

Overall, the rolicking adventure is meant to read like an old dime novel and is pulled off as such, with excellent attention to the details of the genre.

Allie | 57 comments Finished.

I enjoyed the story line of this book. Karen's bad grammar was hard to read at times and was inconsistent, but overall a good book.

I loved the strap-on sewing machine tank idea, it was completely something that a Gail Character would do/invent.

Jayne Fury (jaynefury) | 12 comments Allie wrote: "Finished.

I enjoyed the story line of this book. Karen's bad grammar was hard to read at times and was inconsistent, but overall a good book.

I loved the strap-on sewing machine tank idea, it was..."

Yes, the "would of"'s she dropped everywhere made me nuts. I think I mentioned that in my GR review.

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Cori (coridomschot) | 18 comments 19% through

Finding the descriptions very good, the setting seems difficult for me. It is a combination wild west feel with steampunk to me. I am enjoying the aspect of a brothel from the view of a worker.

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Cori (coridomschot) | 18 comments 78% through

I pushed through this fairly quickly and am only getting to write now. I'm going to reserve writing more until I finish the book.

Yvette (bookworlder) I just finished and I have to say that Karen's voice, while not always consistent, was one of the best parts for me - homey, folksy and with a bit of dead-pan humor. The descriptions of Rapid City repeatedly made me wonder why I have never gone on the Underground Seattle tour, when I've lived in Seattle suburbs most of my life!

Jayne Fury (jaynefury) | 12 comments I've done the Underground Tour once,

Jayne Fury (jaynefury) | 12 comments Gah, silly app won't let me edit. Anyway, you must go. It's a real eye opener.

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Gail Carriger (gail_carriger) | 103 comments Conceptually, I love this book. The idea of a brothel in the Old West rising up for political reasons with steampunk consequences is pure fun. I also really enjoyed the ending. I love it when an author sticks the landing, and the very final scenes were charming. I like Karen as a POV and I enjoyed her romantic thread, although her voice was beautifully strong it did get a little much for me at times. I really gravitated toward the brief phrases of humor and the lighter moments in the book, and struggled with the horrific and violent elements.

That was the hardest part for me, the brutal descriptions about what was done to female characters. I understand why it was there, because of the setting, and the style, and the movement necessary to the plot. But I can't read that kind of thing, I just can't. I had to skim all those segments. If I had known ahead of time, I would have put the trigger warning on the selection of this book.

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