The Secret Place (Dublin Murder Squad, #5) The Secret Place question

Liesl Liesl Jan 22, 2015 12:16PM
Without giving any spoilers, please tell me whether there is a supernatural element to this book, or is it all explained rationally? I was thoroughly enjoying the book until I was surprised by a supernatural twist that I suspect might just be a lazy plot. I'm reluctant to spend more time on it, in this case. I'm no Twilight-genre fan!

Judith (last edited Aug 31, 2015 06:46AM ) Jun 16, 2015 05:47AM   1 vote
The supernatural element, as far as I'm concerned, was simply padding. Not only is it not essential to the plot it actually confuses things. You can quite easily skip through that bit and lose none of the essence of the story.

This was the first Tana French book I read and for it was....Hmmm, maybe, so-so. I'm now reading "Broken Harbour" which, so far, I'm enjoying much more.

So, I finished Broken Harbour on 25th June and posted my review:

sublimosa Joodith, do come back and share what you think of Broken Harbor when you are done.
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Judith I finished it June and this is my review
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There were supernatural elements, but since they were never explained, they added nothing to the plot.

there is a supernatural element but it is not essential to the main mystery. I know, I was a bit put off by it myself, but I kept reading and I am glad I did. French has a thread of supernatural in all of her books but they are not lazy plotting. Try not to be distracted by your aversion to it-the book is worth the read.
When you're done, come back and let's chat about it.

I commented on this aspect in my review before reading the discussion questions. This element is the only reason I did not give the book 5 stars. I wasn't sure if it was a red herring, put in place to make us suspect that one of the girls, or all of them together, harnessed their powers to make an object kill Chris. Meaning, there would never be proof to arrest any of them. Or, I thought perhaps it was symbolic of the significant power teenage girls actually possess, most of them unaware of that power. However, once the girls telekinesis became part of the story, I kept waiting for the book to go off in that direction. So it took away from the story for me.

Liesl (last edited Mar 23, 2015 01:35PM ) Jan 23, 2015 10:16PM   0 votes
I did finish the book. The supernatural element was a big turn-off. It was unnecessary, and reduced the book to the level of Twilight. Sorry fans, but I won't bother with any more French book.

I agree with the comment above. I think there are supernatural elements but they are not directly supernatural, rather they are there to just add to the mystery of it all and to maybe make us think that because what is happening in the story seems so inhumane that thinking there could be a supernatural element would almost be an easier explanation because we don't want to believe that humans are capable of such things.

It's a silly element. On a larger sense, it seems to represent the special energy generated between the four girls. But it's still silly.

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