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- The Roleplay sample must connect with the prompt.
-It needs to be at least a paragraph long.
- We will have a poll up to see who get what part.

Queen Jisabell: Finds a shackled girl trying to get away from the Kingdom, and threatens to blow their vampire secret. What does she do?

King Evermore: Throws a masquerade ball and find his son making out with a the enemy (Vampire princesses) How does he approach? and what does he do?

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Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) I suppose it wouldn't hurt to try this, though I kinda doubt I'll get it haha

The masquerade ball. He'd thrown it to try and keep the unstable peace between his kingdom and the vampire kingdom, as well as opening the gates to the humans in the area as well. Just because it was intended for peacekeeping didn't mean he had to lose the chance to find more Slaves for the castle. He stood in his room, putting the final touches on his outfit after kicking the slave out with a scowl. Stupid thing didn't know how to do anything. Needed more training. Grabbing his mask, he slid it on over his face and smirked. Perfect. He would not be easily overlooked in a costume like this. Striding out of the room, he knocked over the slave who had been helping him on the way out without a second look.

As he entered the ballroom, the party was already in full swing. Everyone was dancing and the royal werewolves were starting to pick out those they wanted to take home for themselves. He might have to do the same before the night was over, he'd need a replacement for that worthless one who was helping him previously. As he looked around, he realized that he had not seen one of his sons for an extended period of time. He knew what their costumes were, so picking them from the crowd had not been hard. Wondering where he had gotten off to, he moved through the crowd almost absently, small talking with those he passed by until he found him. His son, one of the potential future kings of the country, was necking with the vampire princess. His first thought was indignation. How dare his son do such a thing with a filthy bloodsucker! But then, the next thought was of his cold, calculating side. This could work to his advantage in a number of ways....

"So, I see even you are working on maintaining the peace between our species." his voice rumbled out in a low growl that startled and separated the pair. His arms were crossed over his chest, his expression hard to discern with a mask covering most of his face outside of his mouth, which was turned down in a frown. He didn't like this but, if he didn't take proper action, it would just be continued behind his back. "Well, if you're that dead set on creating peace between our kinds, then surely you are ready for an arranged marriage between our kingdoms. Good job on volunteering." he said, smiling again moments later.

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Jisabell sighed as she walked along the walls of the kingdom. She had had a busy day and no time to be alone. She had been waiting all day for an opportunity like this and the moment it came she had dashed, wanting to be alone to relax and just take in the beauty of the night. She never complained about the responsibility of taking care of the kingdom, she didn't mind that, but days like today could be a bit too much. Especially with the mood she had been in lately.

She hadn't gotten far when she saw a lone figure running across the courtyard, the smell of sweat and fear wafting towards Jisabell a moment later. Narrowing her eyes, Jisabell tensed and walked towards the figure, her pace brisk. "Where do you think you're going?" she demanded, her voice ringing with authority. She watched as the figure stopped and turned towards her, Jisabell assumed the figure, which she could now see was a human shackle, was startled by the presence of the queen. "Did you hear me?" Jisabell demanded, stopping a few feet away and wrinkling her nose up at the smell. She hated being near such filth, she would not approach the shackles unless they were recently bathed.

The shackle girl gave a slight nod, her gaze flicking to the wall which wasn't too far away. She held a small wooden weapon in her hand and tightened her grip on it, completely panicked. She was sure she was going to get away. She hadn't counted on the queen being there. She had thought this area of the kingdom would be deserted. "I was just going for a walk."

Jisabell watched the girl closely and laughed, the sound icy and cruel. She had no time for liars. Especially when the liars were shackles. "Shackles are not permitted to wander around alone." She said moving forward, her eyes darkening. "And a shackle on a walk would not reek of fear or hold a wooden weapon. Which no one should have in the first place. Now would you stop lying?" She asked, taking a breath to stay calm. After all that had been going on with keeping peace between kingdoms she didn't want to deal with a shackle getting away and blowing their secret. If the girl was persistent in lying and trying to get away, Jisabell would kill her. She didn't particularly want to kill the girl, but Jisabell would not let a human destroy her kingdom.

The shackle looked up at the queen, her body tensing. She knew if she attacked or ran she would die, but she did not want to live in a place like this any longer. She'd rather die than stay here. The shackle bit down on her lip and straightened her back. "I was trying to escape. And I still plan on getting away." She said, shooting forward with the small, makeshift stake held in front of her body.

Jisabell sighed and moved, she easily got out of the way of the shackles clumsy movements and grabbed the girls wrist, twisting and causing her to drop the weapon. "You are a fool. It would have been easier for you to give in and stay here." She said, her fangs elongating. "Don't struggle. It'll hurt and I will be very angry if you get blood on my dress." She said, twisting the girl so she could access the girls neck. She took a moment to look down at the girl before she bent, digging her fangs into the girl and starting to drink.

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