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Heartburn: The Dream
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M.c. Hekim Hello, friends.

I'm the author of Heartburn, a time travel romance novel. It is free for download.

I'm in desperate need to get feedback. If you could read and tell me what you think, that would be very helpful.

You can download here:

Thank you.

Gertraud Müller | 3 comments Hello,,
I have downloaded your book and I'll start reading at at the weekend.. I' m looking forward reading it. I'll give you feedback as soon as possible.

Best wishes Gertraud

M.c. Hekim Thank you.

Can't wait to hear about it.

Gertraud Müller | 3 comments Hello,
Now I'm half trough your book and I like it very much. Although I don't like time travel stories I like yours.
The story is full of tension and emotion. The young couple is struggeling with their love for each orther...Ben is a very interesting character and Grace fights for her love.
I'm in the middle,of,the book and can't wait coming to the end,.

Do you have more books released ? I would love reding them. ...

Are your books available on Amzon.?

Thanks for giving me the chance reading your book
Greetings from Ausria Gertaud

M.c. Hekim I'm very happy to see you liked it so far. Heartburn is my only novel. It hasn't been getting the attention I was looking for so I'm actually considering to quit writing. That's why I'd been full of self doubt and needed feedback. Your comment made my day.

I hope you'll like the rest as well.

Gertraud Müller | 3 comments I have finished your book today. There is only one thing to say...." your baby is beautiful" keep on writing.....

M.c. Hekim Hearing that filled me with joy. I'm not very inclined to keep writing at the moment, but thanks anyway.

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