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~ Devine ~ | 606 comments :03

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~ Devine ~ | 606 comments Hello. Okay want me to repost the plot on here?

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~ Devine ~ | 606 comments Idea:

Guy 1 and Guy 2 are best friends. They always do everything together, but that changes when guy 1 gets into an accident causing him to lose his memory. When he wakes up in the hospital he is surpunded by people he doesnt remember. When he is realised he gets taken home by the two people that say are is parents. Even with his tragic accident theystill send him to school. Now he has to deal with bullies who he never knew and people who claim to have been his old friends even though they arent. He also starts to realise his feelings for his so called best friend, guy 2. Throughout this, guy 2 is devastated. He sits at the sidelines as his best friends life starts all over. He has to sit and watch as people take his amnesia as an advantage to get him. Guy 2 is determined to get Guy 1s memory back and the process he starts to fall for Guys 1. 

((Id like to be guy 1))

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~ Devine ~ | 606 comments Okay so how detailed do yo u want to be with character profiles?

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~ Devine ~ | 606 comments Lets just do


We can come up with the rest as we rp?

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~ Devine ~ | 606 comments Name: Jerimiah Blackwell
Nickname: Jer
age: 15
-hair- black
-eyes- dark blue
-height- 5'9
-weight- 190

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~ Devine ~ | 606 comments ((Im going to start on his first day back to school))

Jeremiah takes a deep breath as he walked into the school. He was extremely nervous for many reasons. He is about to go to a school that he has apparently been going to for his whole life with peopel he shoukd apprarently know.

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~ Devine ~ | 606 comments Jer nodded and followed him awkwardly. He looked over at him and smiled. "Yeah. I'm fine. Just a little confused and out of place." He shrugged.

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~ Devine ~ | 606 comments He looked back at him and nodded. "Thanks. " he told him and started to turn the lock and opened his locker. He turned to him. "What class do we have first?" He asked him curiously.

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~ Devine ~ | 606 comments "Really? Sweet." He smiled and put his stuff in his locker then pulled out his stuff for class. He opened his mouth to tell him some thing when a couple people came over asking if it was true about his amnesia. And kept asking him if he remembered things. He frowned at them and shook his head.

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~ Devine ~ | 606 comments Jer nodded. "Its...its fine." He shrugged and looked down at his feet as he walked. He sighed. This was going to be tough.

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~ Devine ~ | 606 comments He froze as he was pulled into a room and was kissed. He didnt know how to respond to this. His eyes were wide as he watched him.

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~ Devine ~ | 606 comments ((Yeah. Thats fine. Maybe the more he thinks about that kiss the more he tries to remember and the faster his memories come back.))

Rex just stood there for a second, confused. He glanced at the door then pulled his fingers to his lips. He shook his head before walking to thw door.

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~ Devine ~ | 606 comments "Y-yeah. Im ready." He nodded and followed him when he started to walk towards there class. But he couldnt get his mind off that kiss.

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~ Devine ~ | 606 comments A small shiver ran through him when there hands touched. He glanced at him then at the ground as they walked.

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~ Devine ~ | 606 comments Jer glanced a their hands then squeezed his lightly. He smiled a tiny bit some of his nervousness going away.

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~ Devine ~ | 606 comments He stopped for a second and looked at him he bit his lip thinking. Then smiled. "If you really want to"

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~ Devine ~ | 606 comments He kissed him back this time. He may not know him very well at the moment but he could feel there was just something there between them.

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~ Devine ~ | 606 comments Jer smiled and then jumped, pulling away when the bell rang. He bit his lip and looked at him.

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~ Devine ~ | 606 comments Jer slightly leaned into him as they walked, but just nodded, not saying any thing. At the moment he was just confused.

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~ Devine ~ | 606 comments He looked at him and nodded. "Yeah. Just confused and tired. After being on bed rest for a couple of weeks all this is exhausting." He shrugged.

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~ Devine ~ | 606 comments "Everything."he shrugged. "I do t remember any of these people. I know I feel something towards you but I dont know what it is. Im confused at why I dont remember anything."
((Thats alright. Im in study hall right now.))

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