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Would this book have been longer if Tolkien finished it?

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Michael And why didn't he finish it? I know that he died before he could, but why didn't he finish it before his death? Considering he was working on it even before The Hobbit and The Lord Of The Rings. Also I heard that he had plans for a great trilogy, compromising of The Hobbit, The Lord Of The Rings, and The Silmarillion, as the chronicle of precious rings and jewls, any truth to this? I know if it is, he was discouraged, because his published rejected the idea and published The Lord Of The Rings as a trilogy on itself, but it was published in one volume, and after Tolkien became popular he could have easily demanded his vision to be fulfilled.

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Michael And also I have to say that I am very disappointed with the artist who worked on this edition. I, personally, don't like the art at all, and I cant get over that this isn't one single picture of Ancalagon,that just infuriates me to no end. I just finished The World Of Ice And Fire, one could argue it has the most beautiful illustrations ever presented in a fantasy novel, but the story isn't as grand or epic as Middle-Earth. So, one or the other, you know.

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Keri He didn't finish it because he was never quite satisfied with it and kept making changes to it. He was a perfectionist in that way and it most definitely would have been longer had he finished it. I've never read that he had any great intentions of making a great trilogy out of the three so I don't think there is any truth to that. Originally, The Hobbit was meant to be a stand alone children's book but the world he created (The Sil) was so much a part of him that he couldn't help himself and kept adding bits from it into the story here and there but he never intended it to be a part of The Sil material. Also, the success of TH was so great that his publishers asked him for a sequel about hobbits which ended up being the epic LotR, not quite what they nor he had in mind when he started writing it so there was no previous intention to write LotR. He did try to get The Sil published along with the LotR but because it read more like a history than a story and was still largely unfinished his publishers rejected it. They didn't think they could make money from it. The only reason the LotR was published in three volumes was because of paper shortages and the cost to purchase a massive volume at the time but it wasn't because the rejected the Sil and decided to make LotR a trilogy instead. You should check out the Tolkien biography by Humphrey Carpenter, you'd probably find it very interesting as it talks about a lot of the things you've asked about. :)

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Michael Yeah, I agree. But if you want to hear about how Tolkien wanted to make a trilogy with the three works, watch the special features of the extended edition of the fellowship of the rings, I believe they mention it there. But yeah he didn't have any plans like that until they asked him for a sequel, in which his story grew rapidly.

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