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Shanna_redwind | 598 comments Lady Shanna of the Redwind Clan

Battle Again: Dec 11

Level 8
Sword Level 3
Magic Staff Level 3
XP 161/224
Sword hits for6
Sword Level 3+2, +1 for horse
Staff hits for 6
Staff Level 3+2, +1 for horse
*Cat does 2 damage at start of battle
*Rocky takes Attack point off monster



3 Heal
2 Token
1 Find Items
1 Minor Poison
1 Timewalking

8 Goblin Bones
9 Bat Wings
5 pebble
1 Rat tail
2 Drop bear meat
1 Merely Kat pelt
1 Mercenary Token
1 Salt
1 Herb

Event items collected:
2 Sword Parts
1 Shield Parts
3 Reinforcement Supply
2 Fire Essence
1 Balloon
2 Goblets spring water
2 Rock essence
1 Hard Place



Kitten -Kethry 2 damage at start of battle
 photo My cat_zpsukwqc7ku.jpg

Horse- Twilight Storm +1 attack
 photo icelandic Horse_zpsn6gooqeb.jpeg

Puppy- Cooper
His story is Here

Rabbit (Lays egg every Sunday that heals 3 HP
Next Egg Dec 11


Rocky the Rock (Takes 1 attack of monsters)

Next Monsters:
Rat: Run away
Brown Bat: June 6
Goblin June 6
Rock# 6/10: 11 Attack 30 Health
Fire Essence June 12
Omnibus Troll 0 left
Drop Bear June 12
Greater Sewer Rat June 6
Earth Elemental June 12
Big Heart 1 Left
Pain Giant 8 Left- Attack 7

Next Quests
Up up and away: June 4
Animal Vegetable Mineral June 6
Hard Place June 7

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Shanna_redwind | 598 comments Level Up Sword Level 3
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Level 4

100+ Page Book:
200+ Page Book:
300+ Page Book:
400+ Page Book:

Level Up Magic Staff Level 3

(view spoiler)

Level 4
#1 Series- The 100
#2 Series Trial by Fire
#3 Series Survivors
#4 Series

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Shanna_redwind | 598 comments Quests :

Tasks that need to be done:
For Slingshot:
Find 2 books that have something that can bounce on the cover to make the sling.

For Randomness
Book by First name Ian or last name Flynn
Graphic Novel/Comic

For Lamppost
Read 3 500+ page books to build the post.
(Swan Song) On Hold Dec 9

If it Sounds like a Horse
Book with a sheep in it

Intermediate Finding
10 Goblin Bones
10 Bat Wings

Introductory Fetch
Read 2 books with food on the cover.
5 Goblin Bones

Current Quests

Rare GemsExpired
(view spoiler)

Completed Quests

Get a slingshot

Help the boy make 2 new slingshots and receive one of them as his gift to you.

Find 2 books whose title starts with the letter Y to make the branches.
1.The Yuletide Rescue
Find 2 books that have something that can bounce on the cover to make the sling.

Construct the slingshots by reading a book with a handyman or carpenter as a main character. I Cross My Heart

Slingshot: Uses 1 nut to reduce a monsters health by 1. Does not use a turn.

Spring forth from Randomness

Help out poor Fred by finding meaning in the randomness.
Generate a random book:
Mega Man #2: Let The Games Begin Part 2

Book with the same first or last name as author.
Ian Flynn:
Same top Genre.
Graphic Novel/Comic:
Same Star Rating.
3-4 Stars:
1.After the Fall, Before the Fall, During the Fall
Book that has the same word in title.
Mega Man #2: Let The Games Begin Part 2:
1.Fair Game
Same number in the series.
Book 2: Alliance

The Lantern to Light Your Way Home
Your house looks very dark at night. Very dark indeed. The shadows linger on the steps and under the windows. A sinking feeling forms in the bottom of your stomach as you realize that your home is a prime target for thieves and other ninjas of the night.

Light would fix the shadows, you think.

Create a lamppost for your front yard. You may complete this even without a house, but it will be a lonely lamppost.

- Read 5 500+ page books to build the post.

1. [book:NOS4A2|15729539]

- Read 1 book with a light on the cover to light the lamppost.
First Day on Earth

Reward - 10 experience, 1 Mercenary Coupon.

If it Sounds like a Horse...
Ser Amanda is back from visiting from the neighboring kingdom of Storyfornia. She has brought with her flock of Sheep to shear on the Sea Shore. She motions you over.

"I have lost my shears and cannot shear my sheep by the sea shore! Whatever shall I do!"

You tell her not to worry and that you'll help her shear her sheep. She promises you a warm horse rug in return for your help made of the finest fleece.

• Mine some metal in the Novel Mines - Read a book with a miner
• Pay the blacksmith to form the shears - Pay the blacksmith with a gold covered book

[book:The Call|7719324]

• Create a Sheep Pen - Spell out the word PEN
P:Hunting Ground
• Herd the Sheep - Read a book with a dog on the cover
Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O'Dell
• Shear the Sheep - Read a book with a sheep in it
• Skirt the Fleece - Read a book where the main characters job is cleaning
• Dye the Wool - Read a book that is 90% one color on the cover
What Katy Did (Carr Family, #1) by Susan Coolidge
• Spin the Wool - Read a book with 3 O's in the title
Collision Course
• Knit the Blanket - Read a book that has multiple story lines that merge together

For helping Ser Amanda shear her sheep you receive 1 warm horse rug which allows a horse to make one of your attacks an area of effect attack.

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Shanna_redwind | 598 comments Battles:
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Shanna_redwind | 598 comments Classifieds:

December Classifieds
• Read a book where a character doesn't need to work for a living. (3 Gold)
• Read a book with a lamp or other non-natural light source on cover (3 Gold)
• Read a book with a perfect square number of pages (3 Gold)
• Read a book where a character gets a second chance (3 Gold)
The Unexpected Bride
• Read a book that has a strong police presence (3 Gold)
Alien Taste

• Read a book with the name of the tarot card "The Chariot" in the text or title (3 Gold)
• Read a book with an adjective in the title (3 Gold)
The Last Free Cat
• Read a book with 31-40 chapters (3 Gold)
• Read a book where the first word of the text is A or An (3 Gold)
Scrounger Quests

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Shanna_redwind | 598 comments Pet Training
Cat: Kethry
4 Books with fish on the Cover
1. April 21- The Salmon of Doubt (Dirk Gently, #3) by Douglas Adams
2. May 2- The Munschworks Grand Treasury by Robert Munsch
3. May 9- Deep Fathom by James Rollins
4. May 21 The Silent Sea (The Oregon Files, #7) by Clive Cussler

Basic Obedience- Complete
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Basic Tracking-done
(view spoiler)

Intermediate Tracking

• Read a book with a tree on the cover.
Their Frontier Family
• Read a book with a a glove on the cover.
Gideon's Gift
• Read a book with a food item edible by dogs (thats not poisonous to dogs).
• Read a book with someone who is lost.
Rough Water: Stories of Survival from the Sea
• Read a book with someone who finds their way.
• Read a book where someone uses a search and rescue dog.
To Save Her Child
• Read a book with a green cover
Finders Keepers
• Use 10 goblin bones and 10 bat wings for your dog to practice tracking.

This class teaches your dog the basics of fetch. Your dog will learn what items to bring you and start retrieving them.

• Spell out the word FETCH using spell it out rules.
F The Fall
E End of Days
T The Deep Zone
C Steam & Sorcery
H The Line
• Read 3 books with food on the cover.
1. The Breadwinner
• Read a book where someone is in training for something.
Ender's Game
• Read a book with a gold cover.
• Throw 5 Goblin bones for your dog to fetch.

Receive 1 Beginner Fetch Certificate for completing all tasks. Your dog will now fetch 1 gold coin every Sunday.
(hide spoiler)]

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Shanna_redwind | 598 comments r

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Shanna_redwind | 598 comments r

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Shanna_redwind | 598 comments r

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Shanna_redwind | 598 comments .

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Shanna_redwind | 598 comments Lady Shanna's Blueberry Adventure- Gathering Berries

The sky was darkening when I finally arrived in the city. My feet hurt, and I was pretty sure that my blisters had developed blisters, but despite the pain, I felt exhilarated.

I'd left the whole mess behind me, and no one had a hold on me anymore. Rather short on coin, I bypassed the first few inns that I came across without even checking the prices. They were obviously out of my reach. Finally I saw a small place off of a side street that didn't look expensive, but also didn't appear to be a place that I'd have to watch my back all the time.

The front was homey looking. Clean, but worn and a bit run down. Over the door read a sign simply saying Sasha's Place. I stepped through the door and into the welcome warmth of a small dining room. The hearth was crackling merrily and there were several patrons eating meals. They glanced up with mild interest when I walked in and quickly went back to their meals.

A middle aged lady with a red face and black hair up in a bun that was beginning to come undone bustled in. "Have a seat, dearie and I'll bring you a bowl of stew."

"I'd like to rent a room," I reply.

The lady glanced me over with a shrewd gleam in her eye. "I imagine that you're looking to pinch your coins?"

I gave a one shouldered shrug. "Who isn't these days?" I asked.

"Well," the lady said slowly. "I can give you the room for 5 silvers if you can do me a favour."

I nodded, for this seemed a very good price.

"I need some blueberries picked for me." She left for a moment and returned with a map. "I need them to come from here." She handed the parchemnt to me. "Don't try to get away with picking them elsewhere, or I'll know."

So after tucking in a bowl of stew, I settled in for the night. I'd been looking for adventure. Picking berries wasn't exactly that, but it was saving me on my bill at the Inn.

In the morning I set out to find the berries. As I drew closer to the location marked, I noticed that there seemed to be more people dressed in grey and bright white. And the horses were a bright white too, with too-intelligent blue eyes.

I felt very out of place in my grubby adventuring clothing as I arrived at a fenced in area. The gates were odd, with ropes on the latches. As I stepped through the gate, I fervently hoped that the innkeep had permission to be here. I'd assumed that she had but...

A white horse suddenly stood in my path. :Just what do you think you're doing?: came a stern bell-like voice in my head.

I stood frozen. "Uh," I managed, putting the most intelligent inflection I could on the grunted syllable.

The white creature held its stern stance for a moment longer, then the bell-tone sounded again in my head, this time overlayed with amusement. :I'm sure you've been sent by Sasha. She's always sending new adventurers this way. She claims that the berries in our pen have magical qualitys due to the...fertilizer that they grow in, but secretly I think that she's hoping one of her new duckies will get Chosen. Sorry it's not you, but I will take you to the berries:

So I followed the gleaming white creature over to a small patch of blueberries, picked all the ripe ones and headed back to Sasha's Place. She took the bucket of berries. "Excellent," she said. "They're just what I was looking for. Here's a map to the next patch."

She handed over another parchment and I took it, then settled down to eat my meal.

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Shanna_redwind | 598 comments "Whoa!" I mutter under my breath as I stumble out into the glaring sun with the feeling that a great deal of time has passed. I lift my hand to shade my eyes and notice just a hint of fading blue. "What the....?" And that horrible bloated feeling.... Thank goodness it was fading.

My last memory was of eating some sort of berry....

I spin as I hear a sound behind me. Sasha bustles up. "I'm so glad you're feeling better. I should have warned you about them berries, but I never got the chance. You've been in my inn for almost a year now. I've covered yer costs, but now that yer feeling better ye can get out questing again."

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Shanna_redwind | 598 comments  photo Gift_card_prepaid-gift-cards_s600x600.jpg

Going to complete the long extinct Picking Berries quest with this. Card #1 (April 2016)
Also going to complete Timewalker quest Card #2 (April 2016)
Completing Healing with Card #3 (April 2016)

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Shanna_redwind | 598 comments Completed Quests

Hello My Name is post 2081 +3xp

Gather Berries Used NBRC Gift Card 2016 #1 to Complete Story on message 12 6XP
(view spoiler)

Healing Expired used NBRC Gift Card #3 (April 2016) 3 Minor Heal
(view spoiler)

Ser Amanda's Cryptic Caper 10 gold
(view spoiler)

Sir Angel's Story 10 gold
(view spoiler)

Lady Teresa in Tights 10 Gold
(view spoiler)

Lady Kelly's Missing Quests 10 gold
(view spoiler)

Let's Get me a Horse!
(view spoiler)

Jack's Classifieds 3 gold
(view spoiler)

I Want a puppy too!
Search far and wide for the perfect name!
(view spoiler)

Capture the Rabbits:
(view spoiler)

House Quest
(view spoiler)

Up Up and Away -Something that blows up
The Protector's Mission +1 Balloon +2Xp

Hard Place
Ice Storm (Disaster Strikes!, #6) by Penny Draper Ice Storm
Hard thing on cover- Ice or Car or house
Hard thing- working to try to restore power and working to keep cows alive during the worst ice storm in Canadian history

Timewalker Expired - Using 2016 NBRC Gift Card #2 to complete.
(view spoiler)

Kitchen Quest-
(view spoiler)

Lady Cait's Streak
(view spoiler)
Death's Mistress
Read 1 book where someone wins a game for Lady Cait's true streak.
This is Not a Game

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Shanna_redwind | 598 comments Event: The Great White Dragon:

Sword # 7 +3 XP +1 Sword Parts
1. Book with a Grey Cover: Robogenesis
2. Book with a Gold Cover: The Mammoth Book of Apocalyptic SF  by Mike Ashley

Shield 10 +1 Shield Parts +1 Potion Token
1.Book that only exists on Paper: Munsch More!: A Robert Munsch Collection
2.Book that the Title fits on 1 line: Wanderlust by Ann Aguirre

Reinforcements: 1 Reinforcement Supplies 1 gold May 2
1. Read a book with a Building on the cover: Zoo by James Patterson

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Shanna_redwind | 598 comments My Cheater Books (Books I've purchased or traded for)

The CEO's Baby Surprise
Letting Go With Dr Rodriguez

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Shanna_redwind | 598 comments With the sighting of the Great White Dragon, my time to leisurely shop for a dog was over. We needed everyone that we could hunting for those Merely Kats, and there weren't very many trained dogs about. It was my turn to get a dog and get through the training as quickly as possible.

I stepped into the shop with everything ready, though I was shamed to admit I'd had to purchase a couple of the necessary items.

Right next to the door, there was a cage with a dog in it. Stuck to the front of the cage was a sign that read, "My name is Cooper and I've been here for long enough. I'm on sale for a special rate."

I glanced down the room at the other cages, and could see that all of the other available dogs cost much more. I knelt down in front of the cage, and a sleek tan and white shape moved forward, tail wagging in a friendly manner.

The shopkeeper, seeing my interest hurried over. "That's a fine dog he is. Why don't we get him out for you to have a better look?" Quickly he pulled the door open and invited the dog out. He came out of the cage, tail wagging furiously.

"Friendly," I commented.

"He is that," the shopkeeper replied. "And he has the makings of a good hunter. In fact he's best in wide open areas." After letting the dog sniff me and then look around for a couple of minutes, he asked, "So what do you think?"

He seemed to be in an awful hurry for me to take the animal, and that made me rather suspicious, so I asked, "Does he have any bad habits?"

The shopkeeper shook his head. "Nothing, really. Nothing that every puppy doesn't have. I've been working with him, and he learns quickly and behaves well. If behaviour or health is a problem in the first two weeks, I can offer a money back guarantee.

Well, that seemed reasonable, and despite the shopkeeper's badly hidden haste to get the dog gone, he was the only one I could afford. So we completed the transaction, and I had my dog.

When I stopped to look at a display, the shopkeeper held the door open. "You'll want to hurry along and get Cooper settled in at your lodgings." With a curious backward glance at him, I allowed the shopkeeper to hurry me out.

Only a few feet from the shop, the rank smell of a swamp assaulted my nose and I almost gagged at its intensity. I wondered if the sewers were backed up, but I was soon distracted from the now fading smell by the eager animal that danced along beside me on the lead. He would dash to my left, eagerly sniffing at a pot left by the side of the road, then almost tripping me, dash to the right and sniff at a clump of grass. He seemed an absolutely delightful animal.

When I was almost back to the boarding house, the same stench almost closed my throat. I moved quickly away from a nearby sewer opening, thinking that we would have to complain about the condition of the sewers. It seemed odd though, that I'd smelled nothing on my way to get my new companion.

Finally back, I set a bowl of food and water down for Cooper who, after making a through examination of his surroundings, gobbled the food down, had a long drink of water, and flopped down to sleep with the intensity that only puppies have.

I had just settled down to my own meal of bread and meat, when suddenly I couldn't breath. The aroma in the room was the same as what I'd smelled outside, but inside the intensity was so strong that my eyes watered. I quickly swallowed the mouthful of food, then almost heaved it back up again as I dashed for my window. I swear I could see tendrils of noxious green gas hanging in the room. After sticking my head out the window and desperately gasping for fresh air, I took a deep breath, pulled my head back in and glared at the innocently sleeping puppy. "Ye gods, animal. No wonder he wanted you out of there."

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