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Squad 51

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Name:Sophie Isabella Gage
Gender: Female
Age:16 almost 17 but was born 3 months early
looks: the sixth girl, brown eyes

Other: doesn't know she has a brother,loves animals, art, and reads tons and tons of firse and hospital books

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Name: Kenda Maria Buckyson.
Age: 22
Gender: Girl.
Looks: Black hair, Purple eyes.
Outfit: Nurse outfit.
Other: Is in love with Dr. Brakette.

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kk imma start now)) 'Squad 51 Fire at orphanage 22 prinston street(don't ask) girl trapped in the building' the radio says

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((you all there?))

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NATM DIXIE WILL KICK YO ASS! >.< LOL)) the guys get there "Where is she?" John asks the lady "Top floor oh please hurry" the girl was coughing

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(Ok! I'm having writers block on this!)

Kendra rushed in. "Oh. Gosh."

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"*cough* Help!" the girl called they walked aroung "John Over here!" Chet said John and Roy got to her and called rampart "Rampart this is rescue 51"

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"Rampart." Kendra replied to the phone.

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"We have a child here Female approximately 16 years of age 3 months premature... bp is 20/80, uh looks like she has a rusty nail cut across her ha- scratch that last bit the nail has tron in her hand and is still in it, victim is uncontious" (OMG CAN'T BELIEVE I DID THAT)

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"What's your time arrival from where you're at?" Kendra asked. The Ambulance was on their way.

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(If you have netflix it is on there just do what ever...ut no cross over of shows please) "At least 5 minuets ago..." "Cheif we need a stretcher!" Roy called out the window the brought a stretcher they put her on it gently "Watch her hand Watch her hand!" they put her hand in a safe place so nothing happens to it

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(I'm not crossing over! Kendra is my character!)

Kendra looked at Dixie. "Prepare the room."

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(No seth did that last time that wasn't to just you it was to all of us) the ambulance got there John climbed in with her they arrived DR. Early took over

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(Oh. I get it. That was back at Stark Hospital RP.)

Kendra prepared a room for Sophie to sleep in.

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yep)) DR. Brakette walked in and took a look at her she was still passed out but suddenly she woke up and looked at them everything was fuzzy her hearing was clouded and her eyesight was fuzzy for about an hour

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"Poor Kid" John said walking over to the desk where Dixie was at "Yeah the only kid there caught in that fire and from from what i was told the only kid without friends" Roy said

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Kendra walked out of the room and heard the conversation.

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(Play as Dix please) "You know what i think?" "Oh no here we go again" "What? Anyway I think they need to make disaster proof Orphanages you know big enough for the kids to play in but Disaster proof enough to protect the people of LA"

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"That's what I've been thinking. Plus I want to know who caused it to burn down and it only harm one child. ONE CHILD. Out of all of the other ones." Dixie said.

"I know." Kendra agreed.

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"that's a good point..maybe we should talk to the police" Roy said "Let's go" John said as they walked out

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her hearing and eye sight came back in "W-Where am I?" she asked "You are at Rampart Hospital" "Why?" "You were in a fire" "oh..."

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Kendra was worried.

"I do hope that they'll make a new orphanage that's disaster free." Dixie muttered.

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DR.Brakette and DR.Early walked out DR. Early had the nail in a bag in his hand "She is very brave" he said laying the bag on the desk

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they get to the police station "Apparently a few workmen were smoking and didn't turn off the gas and it caught the orphanage on fire and as for her being the only child to get injured she helped get the other kids out and went to double check and got caught in it" the officer told John and Roy

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they came back to Rampart and told Dixie and Kendra what he had said

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"Good Gosh! There should be NO SMOKING ALLOW sign!" Dixie slammed her fists on the nurse desk. "I'll agree with that." Kendra nodded.

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the room of Sophie's door opened and her head popped out

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Both Kendra and Dixie were talking about the new orphanage and what rules on adults so NOT do there.

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She walked up quietly her hand wrapped up

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Dixie went back to the patient's profile. Kendra was writing notes in her notebook.

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She looked at John and Roy "Hi" she said to them

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They looked at her "Uh Hi" ROy said "Dixie?"

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"HUH? How?" Dixie was shocked on how Sophie appeared.

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"Hi" she said to Dixie and Kendra "I'm Sophie"

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"I'm Dixie."
"I'm Kendra."

(Note: Don't ever call Kendra a nickname that's Ken. She hates it.)

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okay i didn't plan on it)) she stared at John "What?" "Sorry you just look familiar...MY PACK!" she ran into the room looking for her backpack with er things init

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"I wonder what's that about." Kendra said.

"I have no idea." Dixie replied.

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she came back "Sorry it's just My had things from my family in it"

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"Oh." Dixie and Kendra said at the same time.

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Sophie looked down, John bent down next to her "What is your full name?" "Sophie Isabella Gage why?" "So you can help the doctors" (He didnt get it at that ponit)

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Dixie was confused on what was happening.

Kendra did the 'UuHh" look.

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"There now you have her name now you don't have to ask her a bunch of questions" John said Sophie looked at him confused then walked back into her room and sat by the window with a stuffed animal firefighter bunny

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it was lunch time at Rampart for all patients,doctors,and nurses

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Kendra was eating her most favorite. BBQ-RANCH-CHEESE-ROASTBEEF-SANDWHICH.

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Sophie didn't leave her room, you had to go to the lunch room to eat

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Kendra was in deep thoughts.

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