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Aηgєℓєηα  | 65 comments Wow, I feel so official...
Plots to come!
Can't wait to write stories with you all. ^.^


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Ɯну ιѕ тнιѕ кєу ѕтαιηєɗ ωιтн вƖσσɗ?


He was a very fine gentleman, they said, charming and kind. People often referred to him as the Blue King, because his hair was so black it appeared blue at times. No one, however, seemed to know what happened to his past three wives. Three passed away in a year’s time, and documents claim the cause of death was the plague or some other devastating illness.

As odd as it seemed, no one would ever question the Blue King.

He was popular with the public, and known for his lavish parties and generosity. At only twenty-one, his achievements had exceeded his fathers ten-fold.

However, in his castle, there is one rule. One must never touch the key shaped like a rose. That room, past the darkest dungeons in the castle and shrouded in mystery, was off limits.


Muse A is a princess whose kingdom has grown fairly poor. Her brother has recently taken over the throne after the passing of her father, but he hasn’t been able to make any economical advancements. When Muse A meets Muse B, the young and wealthy king of a neighboring kingdom, her life will never be the same. Muse B requests Muse A’s hand in marriage the next day. She reluctantly agrees to the union because of the state of her kingdom and the benefits of an alliance. Muse A is then sent away to Muse B’s kingdom to live at his castle and the wedding is set to be held in one months’ time. Soon enough, she hears of the apparent tragedy that Muse B has gone through, losing his previous wives. Of course it’s a little suspicious, but she would never imagine him being capable of such things. In the mean time, Muse A has been visited constantly by the ghost of her father, who died a year prior, and soon is visited by the spirits’ of Muse B’s past wives. They are all very cryptic and never speak to her, appearing only in dreams or when she is alone, most often before something bad happens. Muse A discovers that she has a gift to communicate with spirits, one that has always run in her family.

And then one morning, Muse A finds a man lurking around the courtyards of the castle, one who warns her about Muse B. Muse C says very little before leaving, but he visits again and the two begin to meet regularly. She soon learns that he is the brother of Muse B, a prince who could never get the throne because he was the product of the queen’s affair. He turned to a life of thieving and coning.

Muse A gets caught in a love triangle between the two brothers, one who might possibly be a murder and one who is a thief. And in the meantime, her brother (Muse D) is visited by one of the dead wives as well and he slowly starts to fall in love with the spirit, but he cannot touch her. This spirit keeps trying to warn him about his sister, but she can’t outright tell him what’s going on.

When Muse B leaves the castle for a week on business, Muse A takes the opportunity to search for answers.

But what she finds out is more horrific than she could have ever imagined.


Muse A – The Princess of Ghosts

Muse B – The Blue King.

Muse C – The Forgotten Prince

Minor Characters:

Muse D - The Reluctant King (brother of Muse A)

Muse E - The Spirit (dead wife)

Muse F – The Father

~ Detail please! (at least a solid paragraph)
~ I am Muse A.
~ I would like you to be committed to the RP and help contribute to the plot as well. It’s more fun when we both come up with plot twists and such. This RP is going to be a little complicated, so please don’t volunteer unless you are dedicated.
~ Decent grammar/spelling. I understand the occasional mess-up or typo.
~ MATURE (could possibly include gore, sex, violence, cursing, and etc., which would be taken to PM)

Tags: Romance, medieval, fantasy, mystery, gothic, some action/adventure

Based off the Bluebeard fairytale...


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Cirque de Fantome


Set in 1890's England: There is a traveling circus that comes to a small town, entitled Cirque de Fantome. The circus dazzles the towns citizens with risky acts and dazzling costumes, which are quite scandalous at the time but irresistible. The circus, however, is only there at night and never stays in one place for long.

The owner of the circus was a greedy and malignant human whose goal was to make a little cash, and he used black magic to do it. He wanted performers, so he made a deal with the devil, giving over his soul so that he could gather the souls of others and force them to do his bidding, rather then let them pass on to heaven or where ever they were meant to go. The poor, vapid bloke didn't know that he'd gotten the short end of the deal however; he thought he was the master in all this, when in reality he was not. The devil wants his payment, and he isn't going to wait for it, hence why the circus only stays in one place for only a short period. The man who owns it is on the run.

While this goes on in the background, the ghosts of the circus are unable to leave, trapped by the contract of the owner. They are unable to harm him, or go against his word. They too are on the run with him, for if they are caught along with the owner, they too will be dragged into hell along with him.

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Blood & Snow


Based off the mangas Millennium Snow and Vampire Knight…

Having been born with a bad heart condition, Girl A’s death was pronounced the day of her birth. She wasn’t expected to age a day over fifteen, but something kept her going. Because she was born the day of the first snowfall of the year, she made it her goal to try and see those same snowflakes over and over again. Now, Girl A is seventeen and the doctors say it’s a miracle she’s lasted so long, but her parents say she can see the first snowfall for another millennia if she stays strong.

But the doctors haven’t given them the news. Girl A’s heart attacks are occurring more frequently now and they think this is the year she’ll miss the snow. She’s been pulled out of school and spends most of her time in and out of hospitals now. Every day is just the same for her, dreading the attack that will end everything….

Until she sees someone jump off the roof of a nearby building. Girl A sneaks out of her hospital bed, hurrying to see if there was someone who needed help or if her medication was just causing a hallucination. There, she finds Guy A, who doesn’t understand why she is so concerned and who is actually…pretty rude about the whole scenario. Girl A soon discovers that he is a vampire who is having some problems of his own.

Guy A refuses to drink human blood and claims to hate humans, though that may not be entirely true. Unfortunately, he is eighteen and a nobleman in his world. It is customary for vampires of nobility, once they reach that age, to find a human partner to drink blood from, and that person will also be able to live forever. This seems like the perfect deal for Girl A, but he has his own reasons to be against taking a partner. He doesn’t even like the idea of living forever.

Of course, they have a lot of disagreements, but Girl A and Guy A soon develop a relationship. Though they are very different, they start to learn things from each other. Guy A starts to learn to enjoy simple things more, while Girl A becomes less naïve. Unfortunately, more problems arrive with vampire hunters, Rogues who don’t follow the vampire laws and snack on any human they see, and corruption within the vampires system of government. Will they ever be able to settle their differences in such a chaotic world? Will Girl A even live long enough to see?

{~AɗɗιтισηαƖ ǀηfσ~}
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Royal Attraction
Girl A is a simple peasant, working as an apprentice seamstress with her mother. She and her mother have never been the closest pair, as Girl A was always a daddy’s girl. Unfortunately, her father died in the recent war with a neighboring country, leaving the two ladies by themselves. A couple months later, her mother seems to have replaced her father…with the king. Girl A is whisked away to the castle, to a world of wealth and etiquette…and a world where her mother is now a queen and she is now a princess. Of course, that might be an easier adjustment if it weren't for her new stepbrother, the prince (Guy A). He is charming, manipulative, and infuriating. Everything about Guy A’s personality is intense…. So why is Girl A falling in love with him? Both Girl A and Guy A are unfortunately promised to someone else and, to make matters more complicated, the queen becomes ill and the king is whisked off to war, leaving the two young royals to watch over the country in their place…

All Mad Here
This is the place where troubled kids are supposed to get better, according to the pamphlets. It is actually a private boarding school for those who are troubled, yes, but also the young and criminally insane. Here they are kept under strict watch and must undergo numerous “treatments” designed to mold them into normal human beings. Some might call it torture, really. What happens when a girl gets stuck here…but she was innocent of the crime she’s being accused of? She’s perfectly healthy, but may end up going insane in such a place…
But it is at this academy that she meets a fairly psychopathic boy who knows the truth about the school and what they really want with the kids…

Fire and Ice
An ice prince of the fae comes to a small town to investigate something (Perhaps a rogue faerie causing trouble?). As part of this investigation, the young prince must infiltrate the local high school, where the suspicious activity has been occurring. He meets a local girl there, the best friend of the trouble-maker fae, and they instantly hate each other. But, a royal adviser sees them together and thinks the prince to be dating a human, which is highly against the law. She is dragged into his world in the mix up to be interrogated, but it is soon discovered that she has faerie blood in her as well.

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The Convent

Ƭнιѕ ιѕ тнє ωαу тнє ωσяƖɗ єηɗѕ.
Ɲσт ωιтн α вαηg, вυт ωιтн α ωнιмρєя...

The Sisterhood is always right.

Muse A has always been able to rely on that fact in times of trouble. She lives in a place called the Convent, which was an all girls catholic school before the world ended. After the apocalypse, the nuns in charge closed the gates and continued to raise the children behind tall, stone walls, teaching them about religion and, of course, how to use basic combat skills. Muse A has just turned 16, which means it's time for her to prove herself. When the girls at the Convent reach that age, they are forced to go out into the real world and if they can survive a week, they can become one of the Sisters.

But when Muse A goes outside, the last thing she expected to find was a scrappy group of rebels who were fighting back against a the New World Order...

Much less fall in love with their leader.

As the plot thickens, Muse A begins to learn new things about the place she had once called home, the rebels she has grown to trust, and that right and wrong are not always so distinct...

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Here Be Dragons


Plot to come…

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Long Live the Queen


Muse A was the prince of a vast, prosperous nation and heir to the throne, destined to be the king of a people who adored him from a young age. But then, when he was eighteen years old, his kingdom was taken from him, his parents brutally killed along with almost everyone he knew. Muse A was evacuated and ushered a way with the captain of the guard and a small group of refugees. Years have passed now and Muse A has joined a guild of assassins. Everything changes when he gets assigned the mission he's been waiting for for the past three years.

He's been assigned to kill the queen.

All sorts of rumors surround the young woman who is only nineteen but feared throughout her empire. People whisper of her beauty, of her coldness, her ruthlessness... But most of all, the magic that she possesses.

The queen is a sorceress with the ability to control The Beasts, creatures who appear to be men in the light of day, but at her command transform into horrible, shadowy creatures of nightmare. These are the soldiers that make up her unstoppable army, the same one she used to conquer Muse A's nation.

Killing her should be no big deal.

Loving her, that's what should have been hard.

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