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BUDDY READ: Contemporary/Romance > Damsel Distressed, by Kelsey Macke - Restarting February 18th 2016

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Tati | 10171 comments "Hot girls get the fairy tales. No one cares about the stepsisters' story. Those girls don't get a sweet little ending; they get a lifetime of longing

Imogen Keegen has never had a happily ever after–in fact, she doesn’t think they are possible. Ever since her mother’s death seven years ago, Imogen has pulled herself in and out of therapy, struggled with an “emotionally disturbed” special ed. label, and loathed her perma-plus-sized status.

When Imogen’s new stepsister, the evil and gorgeous Ella Cinder, moves in down the hall, Imogen begins losing grip on the pieces she’s been trying to hold together. The only things that gave her solace–the theatre, cheese fries, and her best friend, Grant–aren’t enough to save her from her pain this time.

While Imogen is enjoying her moment in the spotlight after the high school musical, the journal pages containing her darkest thoughts get put on display. Now, Imogen must resign herself to be crushed under the ever-increasing weight of her pain, or finally accept the starring role in her own life story.

And maybe even find herself a happily ever after.

Enhance the experience with the companion soundtrack, Imogen Unlocked, by the authoin!or's band, Wedding Day Rain."

Feel free to join!

Arys (readeatlove) | 47 comments Starting Damsel Distressed today. :) can't wait. Excited to hear the music too.

Tati | 10171 comments I'll be a little late with that one, might start it tomorrow, as I still have to finish the one I'm reading now.

Tati | 10171 comments Hey there!

Sorry I went MIA, it was a holiday here, and my internet was not behaving.

I've finished it, and (view spoiler)

Arys (readeatlove) | 47 comments Hi Tati! I just finished too. And I definitely agree, I was expecting more out of it. I enjoyed the relationship between Imogen and Grant, and I also enjoyed the journey Imogen goes through, but I do agree Imogen was too insecure sometimes (but guess that can be understandable with all the stuff she is going through and her cruel stepsister, Carmella). I love the artwork thought the book. :)

After reading this book it kind of makes me want to read 'Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister' by Gregory Magiure.

Tati | 10171 comments Grant and Brice and Jonathan were really cute secondary characters! I also liked seeing her moments with her dad.

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Abbie | 27856 comments Mod

Reading from the 14th of September 2015.


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Starting soon

Gayatri | 994 comments 10% (view spoiler)

Gayatri | 994 comments 30% (view spoiler)

Gayatri | 994 comments 50% (view spoiler)

Gayatri | 994 comments 81% (view spoiler)

Gayatri | 994 comments Finished (view spoiler)

Sarah Elizabeth (bookworm_sarah) | 83071 comments Mod

Date Changed. Restarting February 18th 2016. Happy Reading ☺


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Mei (yeltminky) | 3878 comments Hi Victoria! I might start this on tomorrow or Sunday, I still don't know yet. But I promise to catch up real soon!! :)

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Mei (yeltminky) | 3878 comments Chapter 2: (view spoiler)

Chapter 5: (view spoiler)

Chapter 6: (view spoiler)

Chapter 7: (view spoiler)

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I'm starting this soon.

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Mei (yeltminky) | 3878 comments Chapter 11: (view spoiler)

Chapter 12: (view spoiler)

Chapter 13: (view spoiler)

Chapter 15: (view spoiler)

Chapter 17: (view spoiler)

Chapter 19: (view spoiler)

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Mei (yeltminky) | 3878 comments Chapter 21: (view spoiler)

Chapter 24: (view spoiler)

Chapter 25: (view spoiler)

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Mei (yeltminky) | 3878 comments Chapter 26: (view spoiler)

Chapter 27: (view spoiler)

Chapter 34: (view spoiler)

Ending: (view spoiler)

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