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Hi, I'm an author from Belfast, currently living on the south coast of England (on a boat). My favourite authors are Sebastian Barry, Colm Toibin, Rose Tremain. I particularly enjoy mysteries. My writing is either based in Ireland or reflects by Belfast upbringing. I won the Rethink Prize Novel Award with a book I'll introduce in Promotions.

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Donna McCaul Thibodeau (celtic_donna) | 1141 comments Hi Carol and welcome. I was born in Belfast but lived in Derry until we moved across the pond. How cool to live on a boat! What do you do with your books - I'm assuming you don't have much storage space?

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Hello, Carol. Toíbín and Barry are favourite authors of mine too. I am also a graduate of Sussex. Nice to meet you.

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Elanna | 31 comments Hello!
I'm curious about the book storage as well. Fancying a second boat full of books and a rope to secure it :D

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Hi Donna, Theresa, Elanna,
Theresa - I'm also a graduate of Sussex - 1993 - so long ago. Are you still in the area?
Re. my books: The boat is quite big - 46 foot cruiser, with space in the master cabin for around 40 books (built-in bookshelf). I've stored some in a garage - hopefully they won't be damp. Cupboards on the boat are filled with books...
Believe it or not, there is a second boat (fishing boat).
Nice to meet all of you & thanks for the comments

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Carol wrote: "Hi Donna, Theresa, Elanna,
Theresa - I'm also a graduate of Sussex - 1993 - so long ago. Are you still in the area?
Re. my books: The boat is quite big - 46 foot cruiser, with space in the master c..."

Hi Carol, I was a post grad at Sussex and taught as well but moved to Yorkshire almost a decade ago. Have fond memories of my time :)

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Marginally warmer down here, but very expensive now. Wonderful day today, though. Lots of cormorants in the marina and we even have a kingfisher living nearby. It fishes from the boat ropes.

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It's been a long while since there's been a kingfisher at our nearby beck. Lucky you! We do get lots of woodland birds though. Our summer visitors of curlews and peewits are wintering down near you I think?

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Allan Hi Carol, it's always good to see new members with NI connections join the group-there aren't too many of us! Are you interested in NI based fiction / non fiction? I've compiled a 20 book list of NI books to read this year, in addition to reading a Brian Moore novel each month, but no doubt, as usual, the list will grow...

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Hi Allan, Thanks for your welcome. I'm definitely interested in NI based fiction. Love the dark Northern Irish wit. I'll check out your list. I've heard there's a good crime writer from Carrickfergus (may have moved to Australia), I don't know the name but will check out when I go back to Belfast in Feb.

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Allan The name of the author is Adrian McKinty, and there are a LOT of fans of his work in the group! Given that I originally come from Carrickfergus, I've been the 'go to guy' when it comes to questions about his Sean Duffy series set in Carrick. McKinty exaggerates and hams things up terribly, so much so that Susan, who you'll come across in the group, wonders how I ever managed to survive growing up there! :) I have also already completed the inaugural 'see the Sean Duffy sights' tour of Carrickfergus with Barbara from the group, who was in Belfast last April! I'm not a big fan of crime fiction per se, but I have enjoyed many of his titles, as well as those by Stuart Neville and Colin Bateman due to their local setting.

We have a NI based books thread on the go in the group, and should you be interested, you'll get lots of fiction / non fiction recommendations there. We have members like Barbara who has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of NI based titles, and a collection to rival the Linen Hall library, as well as others expanding their reading to include work from here. 

As a writer, have you come across Caroline Doherty de Novoa btw? She's a member of the group from NI who is also an author-she won prizes for her last book.

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Paul Allan , canvassing for votes . Tut tut. See rule 8.

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Allan Great to see you keeping us all in line, Paul-I hadn't read the new rules, but in keeping with their spirit, I've edited my post.

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Paul I've kept my stick from Christmas ;-)

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Barbara (bdegar) | 4626 comments Paul wrote: "Allan , canvassing for votes . Tut tut. See rule 8."

Paul - maybe I'm blind but I see NO McKinty title nominated this month so I don't know how this is canvassing for votes. Is your interpretation of this rule that no one can be enthusiastic in any discussion about a book or an author?

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Paul Barbara , if you read Allans reply to me you would see he edited his post after I pointed the rule out. Nothing wrong with enthusiasm about books at all. Allan had pointed Carol to the vote saying vote for one particular book.

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Allan Barbara, I had mentioned about the Glenn Patterson book but edited the comment out in the spirit of the new rules, which I hadn't forensically studied. I subsequently know from the poll that Carol had made her own, different choice to vote for anyway...

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Paul Sorry Barbara ,Allan and Carol I didnt mean to nit pick but I didn't feel it is in the spirit of the group to push new members in a certain direction for votes as its easier to go along with before you've bedded in.

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Serf Welcome to the group Carol :)

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Paul And welcome to the group Carol ☺

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Thanks for all the warm welcomes. Looking forward to lively discussions and reading great books.

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