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Smoke in Moonlight (Celtic Elementals #1)
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Heather Blair (lovelyshivers) | 6 comments Hey, everyone~

The first book in the Celtic Elementals series is FREE today & tomorrow(1/22-1/23)! :)

Smoke in Moonlight (Celtic Elementals #1) by Heather R. Blair

The misty green land of 'Lacey' Solace Ryan's secret dreams. Lately, those dreams have taken on a dark and tantalizing twist. But that won't stop her from finally going there herself. What--and who--she finds there will change her life, or end it entirely.
Ronan Fitzpatrick is a man both blessed and cursed. Blessed with a loving and close-knit family and cursed with a burden no man should have to bear. For centuries out of mind, Ronan has been faoladh, the werewolf. The only dark warrior of Lugh the Long Hand, Ronan fights on the side of light, but lives with a darkness threatening to swallow him whole. Only his family keeps him from crossing over and he would do anything to protect them.
When his dreams show him an American woman, a woman who can shift the balance within him and in doing so, destroy everything he holds dear, Ronan knows what he must do. Even if it means killing an innocent, he won't hesitate.
He mustn't, or everything he knows will transform...

A book seeped in Celtic and pagan mythology, teeming with shifters, demons, gods and even a vampire, SMOKE IN MOONLIGHT will rip open your imagination to the possibility of other worlds, worlds that will continue to be explored in BLOOD in FIRE and LIGHTNING in SEA.


2nd book had also been temporarily reduced to $1.99 for those same days!

Blood In Fire (Celtic Elementals #2) by Heather R. Blair


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Ed Ireland (edireland) | 4 comments Free until Nov. 30, the starter for The Chronicles of the Free People trilogy.
Fire At Dawn Chronicles of the Free People Book One) by Ed Ireland
A story of gripping adventure, filled with paralleling tales of love and hatred, truth and lies, honor and age-old tale of good vs. evil. Read Fire At Dawn and prepare for a sprawling, explosive story of high fantasy, romance and honor that will sweep you up and put you on your own horse in the middle of the battle.
Available at in all eReader formats...

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