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Nikki Chartier (nikgodwin) Title: Breaking Saint Jude

Cover: Breaking Saint Jude by Nikki Godwin

Number of copies available: 10 2

Formats available: mobi, epub, pdf

Word count or pages: 50k word count

Blurb: When sixteen-year-old Jude Calvert sets out to steal stained glass from a broken cathedral window, he finds more than shards of red. He finds Max Rangel - his eye candy from his new LGBT support group - hauling a giraffe carcass across an abandoned part of town with a pack of guys. And he still accepts Max's dinner invite a few days later.

Still, animal lover Jude can't get the giraffe out of his mind. It doesn't take long for him to confront Max, who gives him partial answers and introduces him to a secret brotherhood of not-so-typical game hunters. Unable to tell his mom (the savior of black cats everywhere) or his dad (the zoo's head veterinarian) and unwilling to go back to his overbearing therapist, Jude quickly finds himself sucked into the underground world of taxidermy, theft, and drug deals.

At first, he's willing to do anything for the brotherhood just because he's so thankful to belong to someone again after serious drama with his ex-clique and ex-boyfriend. But when his underground life collides with his life above, he realizes he may have bitten off more than even the biggest animal can chew.

If you're interested in reading this for review, please comment below and I'll mess you or you can just PM me! :)

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Luke (lukiep) | 31 comments *Raises hand*

message 3: by J.S. (new)

J.S. (jsedge) | 33 comments Oooh me me me! Please and thank you :)

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Jay Clark (jaydclark) | 488 comments Count me in to read for review.

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Sandra  (myfictionnook) | 48 comments *raised hand* Yes, please.

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Tara Spears | 85 comments Sent a msg!

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Justin (justineaton) | 91 comments Sounds good

message 8: by Charlie (new)

Charlie | 1 comments Hi, I'd love a read to review copy if any are still available. Taxidermy and references to Cathedrals sounds just up my street.

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Robert | 1 comments I would love to review this!

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Trevor Hi, I'd love to review

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