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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Adult romance/erotica about an orphan who is actually the princess of a faraway kingdom and a group of nobelmen come to find her [s]

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Rikki (mangovillain) | 7 comments My grandma had this romance book which I think was from the nineties or early 2000s, and it was one of those sappy ones with cheesy covers. I remember it was set in the 1800s and the protag was an orphan who grew up in a brothel/bar type place, and she had a birthmark on her thigh that proved she was a princess of some kingdom, and there was a group of noblemen (I think) who was searching for her. The love interest had a scarred face due to a wolf attack. I remember the girl had no interest in going with them because she dreamed of being able to inherit the brothel when her terrible foster father died, and there was a scene where they take her away and they're on a boat and she jumps off and swims back to shore.

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Rikki (mangovillain) | 7 comments Thank you! That was it.

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Juels | 2400 comments You're welcome.

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