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best fight scene

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Brent ok guys,dont limit your selves to agot,how about lord of the rings.or maybe its the mighty Conan remember the snake lords, how about bromms fight in the Éyire ,for those oldies how about sword and sorcerer, get your memory going and lets see if we can come up with the best fight scenes in a movie or TV show.no 80s robin hood movies allowed.

Nathan Eaton Brent wrote: "no 80s robin hood movies allowed"

That's... That's a really specific limitation.

Jessica Jamie Lanister and Brienne of Tarth on that bridge. Bitch got owned! Need I say more. Book version was good, show version was even better!

Brent Yes, she definitely kicked some lanister ass, her fight with the hound was pretty cool as well.

Khaja safiuddin The Blade Itself (The First Law, #1) by Joe Abercrombie
All the fights of Logen Ninefingers in The First Law series are mindblowing.

Christopher Peruzzi Syrio Forel against the kingsguard with nothing but a wooden sword.

Paul The Viper VS The Mountain

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John Paul wrote: "The Viper VS The Mountain"

In the show: At the end, when The Mountain crushes The Viper's head. The noise it makes! Crazy, just crazy.

Thomas That fight would have been so much better if Oberyn had won...

Kenneth Hindle-May Yeah, the Viper vs. the Mountain. One of my all-time highlights in fiction full-stop.

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