All Fall Down (Embassy Row, #1) All Fall Down question

Thoughts about the book's ending *May contain SPOILERS* You've been warned
Astoria Astoria Jan 22, 2015 12:21AM
What did you think of the book's ending?

deleted member Feb 01, 2015 08:05AM   1 vote
I agree this book wasent as good as I expected, but its the first book in a series so hopefully things will improve.
I liked noah, he was fun,and Nice. Alexei I did not get the oint with.
Yes, her moms profession. I have no idea, thinking as you guys cia or something.

The ending of this book WAS AMAZING and no one can change my mind about this the ENTIRE series was AWESOME how she acted how she had a crush on Alexei it all was so cool i was caught it this storm that had me up all night reading this book i LOVED every second of this book and i love how she was daredevil.

I really liked this book and how she mentioned spies in it. When I got to that part I was thinking, "I see what you did there"

SPOILERS--I thought it was a bit shocking! I can't wait to read the next one! I don't understand why everybody is loving Noah so much though. I get, he is very adorable and lovable, but I don't think he compares to Zach or Hale. I would love to see Grace and Alexei get together! I also want to know what her mother was involved in before her death and why a certain somebody wanted her dead, along with Grace.

Astoria I also think Gracie and Alexei have the hots for each other.
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deleted user @Astoria YEAH!!! I was trying to figure out who Noah reminded me of through the whole book and yeah! The twins!
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I thought the ending was TERRIBLE. All that (confusing and kind of lame) build-up and then you get left hanging for the next book? Sorry, not waiting around to find out.

Monica (last edited Jan 31, 2015 08:34PM ) Jan 31, 2015 08:33PM   0 votes
Well it isnt as good as heist society but it is a nice start to the series. Im assuming her mother worked for the CIA or some other intelligent group or maybe it has something to do with the grandfather and what he might be into. I dont get the russian dude his character is rather pointless but every ya book there must be a love interest so im assuming eventually she will put them together. The lead girl need more development her personality is so blah it is hard to feel for her pain. The best person in the book is the little girl very useful and attentive. Again i hate characters that serve no purpose like the mean girl noah's twin i believe again a pointless character that is just there to add a mean girl. But i will read the next

i loved the book, i especially like how the main character is such a dare devil.....i wonder if in the next book there is going to be a connection between one of the boys.

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