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What faction would you best fit into?

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Emily Indri I'm in the middle of reading Divergent and I have given this question a lot of thought. I like to think I'd be Divergent because they're flippin awesome! But the truth of the matter is I'm not brave like Dauntless, I'm selfless, but not as selfless as you have to be to be Abnegation, I wish I could tell the truth more, but I can't so I'm not Candor, and I'm not smart like Erudite. I do, however, fit into Amity. I love to be kind to others and inspire people, which I think I would be able to do most in Amity. So I'm obviously Amity.

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Azwaar Khan Haha, I'm fitted in Dauntless. I'm pretty brave but also intelligent but still, I'm selfless. I really think that I'm DIVERGENT....whoa, that seems so spooky <3

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Ani I'm pretty sure everyone is Divergent in some way shape or form, but if it had to be one out of all five factions, idk...I wouldn't be dauntless because haha I'm not brave, I wouldn't be in Candor bc I lie too much, and then it would be a tie between Erudite, Abnegation, and Amity... I think it would be Abnegation. No. Actually, it would be Amity because I wouldn't be able to stand having everyone be equal to me.

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Ava Dauntless :)

Kristen Wait till you read Insurgent and see if you still think you fit into Amity....

I think the point of the book(s) is to show that no one really fits into one of the five categories. People are more complex than that.

olvd Divergent

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J A I'd probably choose Dauntless and then end up dead like that one chick who miscalculated the distance of her jump. Abnegation would make me feel smothered, I'd probably want to slap the happy out of everyone in Amity, Candor would leave my emotions raw, and I'd feel like a flippin' idiot in Erudite.

Adrienne IDK honestly, my friends tell me im a really kind person, but people also say im really smart and honest and a tiny bit brave, maybe im divergent........

Imaan Iddir I guess I'd be Erudite. I'd like to think of myself as brave, too, but Dauntless are just stupidly reckless and I doubt I'd survive the initiation.

Gisselle If I lived in this society, I would probably choose to be in Erudite. I would be way too uncomfortable in the other factions. Amity is not my thing (too much bread *wink*), Candor would make me feel too exposed, Abnegation would make me feel too hidden, and Dauntless is just no. Are you kidding? I would not even be able to jump on the train because it is too reckless and many things could go wrong.

Marce Haberkorn I think I´d either be in Amity or Erudition.

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Leah I don't know. I took a quiz once and it said I would be amity, but I think I am more of a Erudite.

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Mina i think i would be divergent. with aptitude for dauntless, erudite and abnegation. im kind of daring and would love to punch someone :), im good at studies and i d like to think im considerate of others needs. but i would be hopeless in candor and would end up factionless if i chose amity (again , i like to punch people!)

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I got Divergent between Erudite and Amity...

Dhfan4life I've answered this in another thread and said right off the bat that I would choose Candor as I'm often told how I can be so brutally honest, even though I could have sworn more times than not I'm more tactful than a good chunk of my family lol.

But yea, while reading the books, I truly feel we are all Divergent or at least as I'm not learning in Allegiant, can somewhat act/appear to be that way in our daily lives. Just really depends on what the situation calls for really. But I think personally speaking I would have to say that to break it down I'd likely be:


On a given day before I start interacting with people. And things just shift from there, lol. Candor with most people goes way up, with close friends and family Abnegation jumps up as well as Candor for sure and some Amity and Erudite too. But my Dauntless meter doesn't really go up that much, unless it requires me to do most things that cause other people anxiety, like going out in public, talking to strangers if I need help finding something in a store or talking business in general about bills and what not. Or socializing a bit with a guy I'm interested in.

But yea, more than anything I'm just an average person really, that has gotten a touch more honest these last several years than anything else really.

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Grace I got abnegation :)

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Abigail There's an app for this on PlayStore. I got..... Divergent.

Abigail Did you use the app?

Abigail Its erudite

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L. Woodswalker I would definitely be Divergent because I don't really fit into any category. In high school I didn't quite fit with the "literary" or "drama" types, the "druggies", the "brains", etc.
I agree that everyone is Divergent, and I had trouble with this series because I didn't think this society would last longer than about 20 years. Unless there were serious drugs, police and soviet-style controls forcing everyone into line.

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Mae Jackson I think I would be Candor. Because I have no filter. lol

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L. Woodswalker I also feel that the test to decide your faction was seriously unrealistic. The whole setup came across like a high-school freshman's idea of a dystopia.

Célina I'm Dauntless, Candor and Erudite. :P

Dhfan4life L. wrote: "I also feel that the test to decide your faction was seriously unrealistic. The whole setup came across like a high-school freshman's idea of a dystopia."

I think given the genre and for the targeted age group, I wasn't expecting much realism with the series. As for the test I always had a feeling that would be totally rigged. Cause there is never really a black and white choice to anything that we do at times. So I'm just amazed that many of the tests weren't inconclusive. Because who thinks in such simplistic terms as grab the knife or the cheese(I forget what the other item was to choose from in the first part of the simulation)? Most especially when you don't have all the facts. Or my personal fave, tell some dude where some bad guy is being harbored and yet you don't even know all about that situation either to make a sound decision. Was kind of silly to me.

But I will admit I enjoyed the difference in the factions and manifestos. I wished we got to see more of how the factions were BEFORE they became what they are. As the story seems to be right in the middle of things and we miss out on some key info til later. Which I will admit is hella clever, but still.

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Layne Abigail wrote: "Its erudite"

I totally agree with this. EVERYONE is Divergent!
But I still enjoy these books. :)

Layne I thought I was Amity...until I read Insurgent! *Blahc* hahaha I am NOT Amity!

I have no clue where I would best fit.

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