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Dear Committee Members
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Jenna (on hiatus Spring 2022) (jennywatts) I had a hard time choosing a book for this category with the field so wide open and full of great options! I ended up choosing this book (from August 2014) simply because it didn't seem to fit any of the future weekly themes to which I haven't assigned a book yet. I want to fit this one in because I am a sucker for novels that satirize or are set in academia, having spent many years in grad school myself. In addition to portraying the lovely world of ivory tower life and politics, this book also looks to be extremely funny and uses the epistolary form - all good things!

Jenna (on hiatus Spring 2022) (jennywatts) Just wanted to update everyone that this book was amazing, hilarious, I laughed out loud, I got teary at the end - so clever and well written and readable in one day! So if you are looking for a treat for the upcoming week where we are supposed to read a funny book, I recommend this! - especially if you have spent any time in the groves of academe or in grad school in English, languages, lit, writing, or liberal arts.

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Tammy Due to your review, I'm considering this for week 8 - a funny book. It sounds great!

Jenna (on hiatus Spring 2022) (jennywatts) I hope you get a chance to read it, Tammy! I think it is so good!! It was unique and I'm sad it's over.

Jenna (on hiatus Spring 2022) (jennywatts) I got around to writing a review of this, which I wanted to do because it was truly funny and it's rare to find novels that can make you laugh aloud. It's also just plain well-executed and unique, so I wanted folks to know about it for Week 8! It is not perhaps for everyone, but if you've spent huge chunks of your life in grad school or in an English or similar academic department - it's probably for you! Here is the review:


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