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message 1: by Jade (new)

Jade (jaderv) | 61 comments Mod
Thought we'd have a little fun with this one. :)

1. What would your title be for this book?

2. What was your favorite sentence/paragraph?

3. What are some of the moral or political lessons throughout the book?

4. Would you be able to survive living in the village?

5. If this became a film, who would you cast as the lead roles?

message 2: by Jade (new)

Jade (jaderv) | 61 comments Mod
After finishing it, I'm still not sure I get all of it. Might have to re-read it soon! Looking forward to writing more about it, but for now, here's a neat interview with the author:

message 3: by Matt (last edited Feb 28, 2015 01:23PM) (new)

Matt I too, am not sure I understood all that the author was trying to say in Crystal Eaters, however somewhat inexplicably I enjoyed this book. I think Crystal Eaters is a fairly good name for this book although also fitting would be something like The Incredibly Depressing and Surreal Countdown.
"When Pants McDonovan was a child he didn't use toilet paper." I can't bring my self to type the rest of that paragraph but let's just say that Pants was a very interesting character. I enjoyed the descriptions of Pants shooting hoops in the prison and the plot for a jailbreak in reverse.
The city was, before our very eyes, encroaching on the village. The village way of life (as weird as it was) would soon cease to exist as it would soon be overrun by urban sprawl and technology. Life in the village seemed bleak and hopeless and no I would not have survived there for long. Although, life in the city didn't seem much better. The prison may have been a better option. Was the author telling us something with that?
If this were a movie, I envisioned Dakota Fanning plying Remy and until I realized that she is now 21 years old. And although, I'm not sure if the author intended any humor, I found Pants McDonovan to be sort of comical. I'd cast someone like Paul Rudd, although he's too old for that role as well.
I read that article Jade posted above. It was interesting to hear how the author went through pains to make sure very page "popped" with imagery, every sentence perfect. The interviewer compared the imagery to a video game but I didn't really get that unless of course it was the worst video game ever. Yes, the characters had a limited number of crystals and as they became sick or injured they lost them until finally they died. However, unlike a video game, they did not know for sure what their crystal count was and frankly I think that whole theory was only in their heads. The hope that the black crystal held turned out to be nothing but false hope.
Anyway, I enjoyed the book. It was bizarre and I don't think I completely "closed" on it, but I enjoyed it. I'm curious what the rest of you thought.


message 4: by Sandi (new)

Sandi | 6 comments Unfortunately, in the entire San Diego County libraries there is no copy of this book. Is it worth $13, I ask myself? i'll keep track of comments before deciding.

They do have Tantric Coconuts!

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