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Please help!!! Maybe Victoria Holt-- Heroine English teacher from New York...flies to Europe because her sister calls her in a panic

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The heroine gets a phone call from her sister who is in a panic and a model. So the h packs up and heads to Paris to find her sister. The heroine is a teacher from New York, and postponed buying a car for her trip to europe. She meets the hero in an elevator. The hero thinks (so that is what the sister would look like if she wasn't starving herself) or something like that. When the h gets to her sisters flat the only food the sister has is yogurt. I am thinking that the heroine tracked the sister to england? Then in the end something happens and the hero saves the heroine. The hero is pretty gruff. (The heroines sister witnessed a murder and had called the heroine because the heroine was always the more level-headed. I believe the heroine finds the dead body in a garden. She saw a hand sticking out.) The sister is taken by the hero to protect her. In the end the sister says she thought the hero dashing, but he was boring all he did was smoke and read. 
I read a romance novel a long time ago, and I am trying to find it. 

It may be something by Phyllis a Whitney, or Victoria holt or any of her other pen names. 

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Beth | 1 comments Definitely not a Victoria holt, Jean plaidy or Phillipa Carr novel

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Yue | 6 comments It sounds like Waiting For Willa, only that it is her cousin, not her sister.

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Paul Perla | 1 comments Hi:

I seriously doubt that this material could possibly be anything written by Eleanor Hibbert (Victoria Holt, Philippa Carr, Jean Plaidy, etc.). This storyline does not reflect any of her type of source material and seems too contemporary. Perhaps as someone else suggested, Phyllis A. Whitney or, maybe even Barbara Michaels? Since I have totally exhausted almost all of the Hibbert material (although I am re-reading "House of a Thousand Lanterns" by V. Holt presently) I am starting to read stories penned by Mertz (pseudonym Michaels, etc.)and am for the most part enjoying them. She does not seem adverse to moving into more contemporary themes such as that which the reader queried today. Hope this helps, and best of luck!

All Good Wishes,

Paul John Perla

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Joanne Moyer (catwoman56) | 1 comments sounds like Waiting For Willa Waiting For Willa by Dorothy Eden to me too --

I reread it recently and enjoyed it :)

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