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So what would you like to do? I prefer MxF or FxF though, if that's ok. I can be either gender though for MxF. So which plot would you like to try?

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Muse A wakes up in a cell, not knowing of her memories or anything about her. Muse B (a guard of the prison for people with enhanced and magical minds with powers) takes her to the Warden, the main guy that works for the prison. Muse A and Muse B eventually fall in love after a while, and the Warden must stop them from escaping. (Basically Shatter Me, I know, but I like the concept.)

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Whenever Muse A goes to sleep, they have a dream of a man in the shadows. One night, Muse A wakes up in the middle of the night to see that the man is in her room. They escape from their window before they realise the man in the shadows is outside. What is the man's secret? Will they fall in love? What is Muse A's secret?

I really like the first one, but I saw that you already have that one going, so if you'd rather we can do the second.

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