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Name: Alexia Quinn
Faction of Origin: Abnegation

[image error]Written Description:
hair color:mud brown
eye color: mud brown
weight:116 lbs.
skin tone:pale
Distinguishable marking: birthmark (kind of looks like dove) under eye

personality:Alex is a shy girl but stands up for what she believes in. She always envys the Dauntless living their lives. She always tells jokes to herself but never tells them to anyone else.She hates braggarts and bullies. She wants to live her life and have fun. She is nice and brave and smart.

Mother:43, Jane,
[image error],she is a very kind person and quiet.
Father:46, Dennis,
[image error], he is sometimes mean but any other time oky.
Sister:19, Elizbeth, Older, Amity, [image error]

History:Ever since Alex has started school she had always been different from the other girls. She was tougher and stood up for people. Her father would always scold her but it was worth it. She has always loved helping the faction less. She hated having to see them cold and alone. She was afraid the aptitude test would say abnegation or candor. True, she loved the truth but still.

-killing someone innocent
-watching your family die
-bleeding to death

-having fun



-hand to hand combat
-talking way out of things
-helping hurt people

Weapon of Choice:knife

Faction they want to go to:dauntless
Aptitude test result: dauntless
Faction they choose at choosing ceremony: dauntless
She can be mean if she wants. Alex hates when people call her a Stiff. She wants to be free sometimes.

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Just add three skills and try embedding the image

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I don't know how to do that with links. I'm sorry :(

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Try this format
<.img src="link"> without the period between < and img

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Did it work?

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I have no idea, I'm on the app. Leave it like this and just put the links next to it so I can check it when I'm on a laptop.

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Okay :) what do I do next?

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That's it! You're approved!

Go Rp in her faction or te school whenever you want

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What about the test. I haven't done the aptitude or choosing ceremony? Sorry if I'm asking to much questions

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You go sign up for the aptitude test whenever you have one and one of the mods will administer it. Choosing ceremony is a little later, for now your character isn't an initiate or full member.

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Hi! Okay dokey, question, where will you tell us when the ceremony is?

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I broadcast message will be sent out

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Oooh! Thank you so much!!!

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No problem

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Amy Of Tarth | 3081 comments Are you still rp in maths class Danny?

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Hi, when dooes training statt

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