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Till Death Do We Part
Muse A and [Muse B] are (best friends/lovers/married/etc.) They’re also both freelance assassins…who’ve been hired to kill each other. Will they attempt to go through with the hits despite personal feelings? Or will they have to confess the lies they’ve been telling each other in order to find some way out of their contracts? What if Muse A confessed, but [Muse B] didn’t?

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Personality: Aaron seems to have two different personalities. There's the one that he shares with his fiancée, showing her his kind and caring side. Showering her with presents every time he has to leave on a job. Then there's his killers personality. He is cold and harsh, hardly caring who it is that he has been hired to take out, except children which he refuses to kill.

+ Junk food
+ Small throwing knives
+ Champagne
+ Jade

- Competition
- Thunderstorms
- Chocolate

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Aaron scrubbed at his face. He felt so beyond stressed right now. His wedding was in less than a week and now he had been hired to take out a fellow assassin. He'd only ever heard whispers about her. He was going to need to spend days researching her so that he could find the right place and time to take her out. He didn't know why they wanted him to take her out, but a job was a job and they were paying him handsomely for it.

He heard the door to the apartment open and put a smile on his face. His fiancée was home. He got up from the bed and walked out to the front living room. "Good evening, beautiful," he said as he gave her a hug.

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((Don't know if you got the notif so just posting this just in case))

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Stella rummaged around in her purse as she climbed the stairs to her apartment, fingers desperately scrabbling to find her keys. Cursing at herself and making a mental note to empty all the crap out of her purse that had accumulated there, she checked her pockets instead, patting herself down in search of the telling bulk of the keys.

Arriving at her door, however, she pulled up short.

The door was ajar, marks and scrapes around the handle showing that it had been forced. Silently slipping her purse from her shoulder and setting it on the floor, Stella drew her gun, flicking the safety off, and gently pushed the door open with a foot.

Room to room, she moved quickly and silently, clearing the corners before she moved on. There was no one here.

She gazed around at the mess - furniture upturned, drawers emptied onto the floor, clothes scattered across the carpet. She had nothing worse stealing; she was poorer than she’d ever been. What had they been looking for.

Hearing a noise, she spun round, gun raised.

“Who’s there?” she demanded.

Seeing her fiancé there made her let out an annoyed sigh, she put her gun down by her side, shooting him a look. “ what the hell are you doing? You gave me a heart attack, what with the mess? And the door? Did you forget your keys again?” Her eyebrow raised. She had to admit, she was a little uneasy, and skeptical these days.

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"Whoa, easy there, babe," Aaron said, throwing his hands up in the air. "Yeah I forgot my keys again. Sorry about the mess. I couldn't find them and still can't," he told her sheepishly, running his hand through his hair. "Did you have to pull the gun on me though? I know you keep it around for safety and everything," he said as he eased the weapon out of her hand gently and set it on the kitchen table. He was a knife man himself, preferring the silence they offered to the loudness of a gunshot.

"Are you alright? You seem stressed," he asked, kissing her gently on the lips and then putting his hands gently on her temples to massage them.

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