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The Ruby Circle (Bloodlines, #6)
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Rachael (classycupcakezz) | 6113 comments The epic conclusion to Richelle Mead's New York Times bestselling Bloodlines series is finally here...

Sydney Sage is an Alchemist, one of a group of humans who dabble in magic and serve to bridge the worlds of humans and vampires. They protect vampire secrets—and human lives.

After their secret romance is exposed, Sydney and Adrian find themselves facing the wrath of both the Alchemists and the Moroi in this electrifying conclusion to Richelle Mead’s New York Times bestselling Bloodlines series. When the life of someone they both love is put on the line, Sydney risks everything to hunt down a deadly former nemesis. Meanwhile, Adrian becomes enmeshed in a puzzle that could hold the key to a shocking secret about spirit magic, a secret that could shake the entire Moroi world.

Irena BookDustMagic | 1420 comments Can't wait to read this one although I am sad my favorite series is coming to an end. :(

Andy | 14315 comments Me too! I'm going to try to get in on this. My book should arrive the day its released! :) I'm so excited for what will happen!!

Rachael (classycupcakezz) | 6113 comments I'm so excited for more SYDRIAN! But also so sad it's going to be ending :( I will miss them

Andy | 14315 comments I know right! I thought I would be devastated after Vampire Academy ended, but then Bloodlines started! Ugh I loved Rose and Dmitri, but Sydrian is just even greater!!!!!!!!

Victoria Scott | 2393 comments I should pre-order this, I can't wait to read it!! I was trying to save money, but I think Adrian can be the exception to that rule :P

Rachael (classycupcakezz) | 6113 comments HHAHA! Adrian should be the exception to ALL rules!

Rachael (classycupcakezz) | 6113 comments I like Bloodlines better than VA personally

Victoria Scott | 2393 comments He definitely should!! So do I mostly, but the most recent book wasn't as good as the others. Bits of it were overly ridiculous

message 10: by Andy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Andy | 14315 comments I wonder if they will have a baby by the end of the book???

Irena BookDustMagic | 1420 comments I don't think they will but who knows...
Ahh, can't believe we are coming to an end after so many years...
I hoped Richelle would write another spin off but she said she wouldn't. At least not for now..
There are so many questions that need to be answered and I am afraid some of them would be forgotten...
I wish this would be a 800pages long book...

Victoria Scott | 2393 comments I hope they don't have a baby, I feel like that'd ruin it a little. Hopefully she's planned it well enough to remember all the little details and questions we want answered!

Rachael (classycupcakezz) | 6113 comments If they do have a baby it will probably be in the Epilogue

Victoria Scott | 2393 comments That'd be allowed. As long as it's not the major plot twist

message 15: by Andy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Andy | 14315 comments I think it would super awesome if they did, but honestly, Sydney is too careful to get pregnant right now. She hasn't now, so I don't think she will until she's ready and safe. I really want to know how the conflict between alchemists and vampires will be resolved. I think that Sydney should form a new group of them and lead them!

Rachael (classycupcakezz) | 6113 comments And then Mead should write a spin off with that group! Muahaha

message 17: by Andy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Andy | 14315 comments Or about Jill and Eddie! I think they need their own story, even if it is just like a novella. They are adorable together.

Victoria Scott | 2393 comments Oh, yes, I'd love one about Jill and Eddie!! Just a short one, but still, he loves her too much not to write about :)

Rachael (classycupcakezz) | 6113 comments Oh yahhhh! I would totally be ok with that, love them together.

Irena BookDustMagic | 1420 comments I always wanted to read something written from Christian's perspective. I kinda believed Richelle would write a series with him as a main character but no... maybe in some other life...

Victoria Scott | 2393 comments Christian is absolutely amazing! I didn't want to get my hopes too high for one about him, because I figured Bloodlines was the only extra series I'd get about a guy I loved

message 22: by Andy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Andy | 14315 comments If she really wanted to play around in the novella realm, one from Dmitri's point of view would be super cool. Like maybe when he fell in love with Rose or when he was a Strigoi. Another idea that would be cool to explore would be Lissa being on the throne. Or how did Rose's parents end up together. There's so many things she could write!!!!!

Rachael (classycupcakezz) | 6113 comments Yep and I hope she does cause I'll never be ready to stop reading about Strigoi and Mioroi (forget how to spell that)

message 24: by Andy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Andy | 14315 comments Me too! And I believe it's Moroi?

Irena BookDustMagic | 1420 comments yeah, it's moroi! :)

Noella (kookiemonstar) | 3723 comments Can't believe this series is ending already!

Irena BookDustMagic | 1420 comments While I'm waiting for my book to arrive I'm reading first five chapters that were posted online. Have you guys started it yet?

Noella (kookiemonstar) | 3723 comments End of Chapter 2
(view spoiler)

Irena BookDustMagic | 1420 comments I've only read first book so... I know, not something to be proud of... :/
...one day...

Anyway, I'm on chapter 5!

Irena BookDustMagic | 1420 comments Chapter 5 (view spoiler)

Irena BookDustMagic | 1420 comments Started chapter 6: (view spoiler)

Irena BookDustMagic | 1420 comments chapter 7: (view spoiler)

Irena BookDustMagic | 1420 comments I just finished chapter 7 and I think (view spoiler)

Noella (kookiemonstar) | 3723 comments Irena wrote: "Started chapter 6: [spoilers removed]"
(view spoiler)

Irena BookDustMagic | 1420 comments OMG!!, I just finished chapter 9 : (view spoiler)

Rachael (classycupcakezz) | 6113 comments Ah! I'm so behind cause I've been in a two day seminar but I read the first 3 chapters this morning and I'm so excited for this adventure!

Mead is soooo good at reminding us of stuff that happened in the books before cause I would have forgotten a lot of stuff without these first three chapters.

Poor Adrien tho, he needs to get his spirit using under control so he doesn't go crazy!

Victoria Scott | 2393 comments I'm really sorry guys, I can't get the book until Friday! I'll try to read as fast as I can once I get it

message 38: by Andy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Andy | 14315 comments Halfway through Chapter 11: So you guys know when they are in Northern Michigan? I go to school up here! I was so excited, I know exactly where Houghton is and my school is in Marquette. From the way it's described it sounds like they are right outside Marquette. I was so excited, I've never come across a book with a location so specific to me! (view spoiler)

message 39: by Andy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Andy | 14315 comments I have finished! I'll post more later!!!!

Irena BookDustMagic | 1420 comments That's so cool Andrea! I can imagine how exciting it is to read about places you know.

I am at chapter 15 (view spoiler)

Noella (kookiemonstar) | 3723 comments @Andrea Wow that's awesome

Chapter 8 (view spoiler)

message 42: by Noella (last edited Feb 12, 2015 02:44AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Noella (kookiemonstar) | 3723 comments Chapter 14(view spoiler)

Irena BookDustMagic | 1420 comments Adrian's chapters are more enjoyable to read so I didn't mind.
But, you're probably right about the reason.

message 44: by Andy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Andy | 14315 comments I would keep forgetting whose chapter I was on and have to figure out who was speaking each time. Hahaha.

Denia  Books & Baubles (deniareads) | 10 comments So, wait I really want to know what is going to happen between Jill and Eddie, I really need this information!!!

message 46: by Andy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Andy | 14315 comments So I liked the book, it was great, but I just kind of feel it was a little unfinished. When I got it,I opened it up and was like 348 pages only???! WHAT! But I think at the same time if it was too long I would have been like yeah right this wouldn't have taken that long. Obviously, there's going to be some complicated reasons behind some of the things that happened and maybe Richelle is still figuring it out too. I hope she'll write something else eventually to clue us in, because they was a pretty big revelation in this book.

Rachael (classycupcakezz) | 6113 comments Chapter 9 (view spoiler)

message 48: by Rachael (last edited Feb 12, 2015 09:56AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Rachael (classycupcakezz) | 6113 comments Chapter 10 (view spoiler)

OMGSH or.. (view spoiler)

message 49: by Rachael (last edited Feb 12, 2015 09:19AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Rachael (classycupcakezz) | 6113 comments Noella wrote: "End of Chapter 2 [spoilers removed] "

YES!! Totally did

Rachael (classycupcakezz) | 6113 comments Irena wrote: "I've only read first book so... I know, not something to be proud of... :/
...one day...

Anyway, I'm on chapter 5!"

Wait, you only read the first book and now you're reading the last???

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