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So let's get the ball rolling with writing discussion.

What do you write? Are you a novelist, a poet, a playwright? Do you write fiction, non-fiction, fan fiction?

Me, personally, I started off writing fan fiction in middle and high school. It wasn't really any good, but it opened up a lot for me. I started off with Action/Adventure and branched off into Romance, moving from fan fiction to original works and poetry. I got so into writing that I joined my school's literary journal and became the editor-in-chief for my Senior year.

I'm now 23 and I still dabble in fan fiction here and there, but I also have so many ideas and characters for original fiction.

So, what do you have more experience writing? What are you most comfortable writing? (For me, I dread non-fiction and essays.)

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Fictions and FanFictions.

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Ariza Zubia (risainternational) | 1 comments My forte is fan fiction as well: I have a lot of ships so I write mainly romance-related stories. I really enjoy writing fiction the most--and dialogue for characters. I too dread writing anything non fiction because it takes a lot out of me but I'm not terrible at it either.

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