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Thoughts on Suicide Squad movie

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message 1: by Timur (new)

Timur  | 335 comments If you dont know what im talking about search it up. I think Margot Robbie is perfect for Harley if they give her the right makeup. Will Smith as Deadshot, mehhhhhhhh. Finally Jared Leto as The Joker OMG PERFECT CHOISE

message 2: by Jawairia (new)

Jawairia | 591 comments Mod
YAAAASSS i know.Definitely pumped for this movie.Yeah okay will smith doesn't really suit the character.I have seen some of his movies hes always happy but he can pull off some amazing work.I really thought Jake gyllenahal should have played joker but Jared leto kinda looks similar. Margot Robbie totally into shes gonna rock the role cant wait.Yeah but the rest of the cast is cool too.

message 3: by Timur (new)

Timur  | 335 comments Jake gyplenhall might be a replacement for tom hardy for rick flagg

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