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message 1: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (onceuponabook2) | 13 comments Mod
Hi guys! to get to know each other better why don't you write 5 facts about you :)

1. I'm originally from New York
2. soon to be 17 in a month
3. I can speak Spanish fluently
4. I collect polaroids
5. I'm the youngest out of 3

now is your turn..........

message 2: by Michaela (new)

Michaela C | 1 comments 1. I live in Ontario, Canada
2. I have a cat named Caramel
3. I'm an only child
4. My book account on IG is @the_fictional_world
5. I'm a black belt in karate

message 3: by Marit (new)

Marit (marit-) 1. I live in the Netherlands
2. I have a fish tank with 22 fish
3. My IG book/edits account is @myreadingadventure
4. I'm a 15-year old only child
5. I'm way too obsessed with Sherlock and The Lord of the Rings

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

1- I'm from Québec, Canada
2- My real name is Charlotte but everyone calls me Charlie
3- I play the piano
4- I LOVE ice skating!
5- My first language is French :)

message 5: by adam (new)

adam dubrueler (adamdubrueler) I'm Adam!
1. I'm from Virginia.
2. I am an avid music listener and tweeter.
3. I'm currently writing this at a Whole Foods cafe.
4. I started reading as an escape from bullying.
5. I'm 18 and I share a birthday with Harry Potter and JK Rowling.

message 6: by vampirek1d (new)

vampirek1d | 2 comments 1- I'm from Florida
2- Alot of people call me Tabby
3- Dragons are the best animal ever
4- My goal in life is to have my room become a libray
5- I love music

message 7: by Ryguy (new)

Ryguy (ryguy_reads) | 1 comments 1) I'm originally from Ohio!
2) I am 14 years of age!
3) I am very social and defiantly an extrovert!
4) I want to be an Orthodontist for my occupation! I know fun!
5) I love to read but I'm not good at it :)!

message 8: by Zoe (new)

Zoe (zoe_awesome_read) | 1 comments Hi :) I'm Zoe
1. I live in the US
2. I'm 15
3. I love mystery
4. I'm the middle child
5. And my IG account is @ya_books_rule

message 9: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (amanda_faith) | 3 comments 1. My name is Amanda :)
2. I'm 13 years old
3. I'm an actress
4. I'm super shy in real life
5. My goal of books to own is: 200 and so far I own approximately 70 XD

message 10: by Alysyn (new)

Alysyn Reinhardt (alysyn_hardt) | 2 comments 1. NYC born & raised.
2. I'm twenty-one, yay.
3. I have a social media obsession. twitter, insta, & blogging.
4. I switched my major 4 times.
5. I'm adopted.

message 11: by Amphy (new)

Amphy (bookrantings) | 1 comments Hi, everyone
1. My name is Amphy
2. I am from the islands of Philippines
3. I'm 18, and don't know how to drive. I really get nervous when I'm driving. That's why I ask my cousin to drive me to and fro bookstore.
4. My account in insta is thethingwithbooks
5. I wish I am a cat.

message 12: by Seni0r_bukaReads (new)

Seni0r_bukaReads | 5 comments 1. I am American but when I was about 7 my family and I moved to England and we are still here.
2. I was born in Phoenix, moved to San Francisco then moved to Montana (i think) and then to Miami then England.
3. only have one younger brother. Originally had an older sister but not anymore...
4. 16. 17 in September
5. Love to watch sunsets and read (obviously)

message 13: by Baillee (new)

Baillee (bailleef) | 8 comments 1. I'm from Iowa!
2. I'm 17!
3. I play softball!
4. I love writing and my goal is to be an author one day!
5. I like to use exclamation marks!

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