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Orange Is the New Black
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Gabriella I chose this book since I really liked the tv show. So far I already found a lot of differences between the book and the tv show, there is definitely a lot less "drama" but also the real Piper seems a LOT more likeable than the fictional one (at least to me). Looking forward to find out if anybody else is reading this.

Lara Ruark It's on my list as well. I haven't started yet but I'm looking forward to it.

Gabriella Let me know when you start it, even if it's after I finish it I love discussing books with people. Be prepared: so far (I am about half way through it) it is very different from the tv show!

Wendy | 32 comments I've never seen the show, but I enjoyed the book quite a bit.

Gabriella I finished the book last night. I would say it is an interesting read. I liked having the chance to glimpse into what life is like in prison, the daily details and the routine as well as the description of the other women that surrounded her. What I didn't really like was Piper Kerman herself, but then again she doesn't have to be my best friend. So, I would still recommend it as a document into prison life, but if I had been the editor for the book I would have suggested to take out the MANY passages in which Piper likes to report how beautiful she is, how good looking everybody thought she was, how everybody thought she couldn't be a year past 20 and how her blond straight hair and her girly figure looked good even in prison kakhi. I mean, seriously.

Tara Bates | 1008 comments I'm using this as a book with a colour in the title :)

Lara Ruark The tv show is far more dramatic but I enjoyed the book as well.

I like how she humanized women in prison and showed us that they are someone's mother, daughter, friend. I think her book really brought to light how hard it is to break free of prison, especially after being released with no real skills outside of prison walls.

Tara Bates | 1008 comments I found her much more likeable than in the show as well. Not as dramatic but if it was it would be a much darker indictment of the American prison system!

Marisa Bisaccia [book whisperer] | 194 comments I read the book and then watched the show afterwards. I was more a fan of the book then the show. The book was based off of real life events where, the show had to bring in more drama etc to keep people's interest. If I'm reading an autobiography which I was I want all the facts to be correct. Not something like the tv show. Granted I watched the tv show still but I enjoyed the book a lot better.

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