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Hana b (tzveyah) | 164 comments comment below on chapters 22-28 please! no spoilers!

Megan (candystripe_legs) | 39 comments A few thoughts (sorry I am reading through this really fast).

-So I am not the first person to google "what if we blew up the moon?" I googled this because I'm really starting to wonder why the Lunars are more scary than the nuclear holocaust of WWIV. I realize maybe the treaty banned nuclear arms, but are there no ultra sci-fi weapons that can deal with werewolves? Couldn't the queen be assassinated by androids? Aren't the Lunars dependent on supply from the Earth? This stuff seems like it might be expanded through sequels, and the glamour stuff is scary. But there are a lot of droids and cyborgs who would be immune, not to mention people like Kai and his adviser who can resist. I get a bit of a Signs vibe from that, just because the Queen wants to invade a planet that has many individuals, on which the economy seems pretty reliant on, who are immune to glamour and could probably kill her before she manages to kill them all.

-On page 189, it says Cinder is in violation of the Cyborg Protection Act and she is a runaway cyborg. So they are owned? But sometimes not?

I know I'm probably stuck on this point too much, but again I feel like this should have been established better. Meyer was in a bigger rush to establish the Lunars and the missing princess that I think the cyborg's place in society skipped explanation. And now over half way through I don't think we're ever going to go back to explain it.

-I also notice that Kai is just like Cinder. They don't really have individual voices or characterization. They think and speak so similarly.

I realize I've been nothing but critical so far, so a good point is that for the most part, I'm still interested enough to keep reading, so far I just skimmed parts where Cinder is gushing over Kai. I just feel like it was a good premise that could have been a lot better.

Holley | 21 comments I thought the revelation about her guardian, Lihn Garan was interesting. I am wondering who the Earthen subject was, if he managed to install the security device on an Earther. I thought it might be Kai, since he resists Levanna to a degree, but that does not seem likely. It is probably someone outside this empire, who is another fairy tale female.

I had anticipated that Peony would not survive the book, but I was still sad to see her die in Cinder's arms. I loved Cinder standing up to the medical droids, rescuing Peony's chip and saving the little boy instead.

I was also a bit confused by the legal system as it relates to cyborg. I wonder whether the "protection" in the act's title is for the cyborgs, or the people. Perhaps both. There can certainly be some sanitizing of unpleasant concepts in the law with the use of language, but the term guardian is generally intended to be benevolent and protective. Plus, the fact that Garan initiated this relationship implies that the guardianship of cyborgs is not necessarily intended to be a negative or completely servile one. I'm not sure how that meshes with the cyborg draft for testing letumosis vaccines/cures. Dr. Erland created the draft, so he was apparently looking for something specific.

Sara | 46 comments While there are indeed a lot of things that maybe aren't well explained or that don't quite hold up under scrutiny, I'm willing to go along with them because this is a pretty light read, and it's enough fun that they don't bother me.

The monster army on the moon, however, is pushing it. That part felt like the train starting to veer off the tracks. It didn't seem necessary to add to the pile of stakes on the table. I hope things come back around, because I am otherwise enjoying the book very much.

message 5: by Ell (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ell Eastwood (ellociraptor) | 14 comments Probs gonna finish this book tonight so I'm commenting on every thread, hehe.

I was bit frustrated when Peony died because whyyyy didn't she just force the antidote into here before that. :((( I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but still ... she was so close!

"President of Africa", ooookaaay. I kinda need to know more about this WW4, or in general how this world came to be. And how big it is - early in the book Cinder says something about "intergalactic" something, but we've seen nothing like that. I'm not sure it's even interplanetary if it's only the earth and its moon?

Despite all the flaws, I agree that this book is enjoyable. If it ends with them blowing up the moon I will say it's the best book I've ever read, but somehow I doubt that'll happen ...

Rowena | 7 comments But it does kind of make sense that we don't know about the wider world, because this is the story of Cinder, and Cinder is a girl living a small life in a market working on her mechanicals. She wouldn't really concern herself with the wider universe until it becomes relevant.

Lisa Pavia-higel | 68 comments But we also get the story from Kai's point of view in places. Seems like there could be more worldbuilding that way.

Heather Lynn (realheatherlynn) | 29 comments Megan wrote: "A few thoughts (sorry I am reading through this really fast).

-So I am not the first person to google "what if we blew up the moon?" I googled this because I'm really starting to wonder why the L..."

I 100% agree with your critique of the book. Such an interesting premise, but not enough substance.

Lorrs | 12 comments Anyone think the monsters on the moon, one could be Beast (Beauty and Beast)? That's what I pictured anyway.

I was sad to see Peony go as well and slightly frustrated that Cinder didn't just force the cure down her throat!

message 10: by Hana (new) - rated it 3 stars

Hana b (tzveyah) | 164 comments Lorrs wrote: "Anyone think the monsters on the moon, one could be Beast (Beauty and Beast)? That's what I pictured anyway.

I was sad to see Peony go as well and slightly frustrated that Cinder didn't just force..."

When all the talk about the monsters on the moon goes on throughout the book I just want everyone to look like Georges Melies' A Trip to The Moon. That's what moon monsters will always look like in my book.

Effing (effingunicorns) 1) I like that Princess Kaia Kai had the sense to ask Cinder about why Nainsi had stopped working when Cinder just completely failed to bring it up herself. He's a smart cookie, he can stay.

2) I should've known poor Peony was doomed when Cinder got Kai to agree to dance with her, but I was too busy flailing internally at Cinder trying to do such a nice thing for her sister. All that sweetness, and for naught!

3) Erland really IS the fairy godmother.

4) Princess Winter is pretty obviously Snow White, which pokes a huge hole in some of my earlier suppositions on the identity of Princess Selene while bolstering others.

5) Levana is a monster and I'm probably going to wind up reading the rest of the series just to see her eventually fall. (Also because I'm enjoying this book more than I thought I would, but mostly to see Levana lose.)

6) The Cyborg Protection Act bit does muddy up the background of the world again. It sounds like the kind of thing that would have a complex political background of hypocrisy and subverted good intentions if Cinder can be in violation for basically having not answered Adri's calls, but the way it's just breezed over makes it seem more like a pocket-sized deus ex machina. But, like Sara says, it's a light and engaging enough read that I can live with passing it by in favor of the more immediately important stuff.

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