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Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles, #1)
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Hana b (tzveyah) | 164 comments comment below on chapters 15-21, no spoilers!!

Sara | 46 comments I'm glad to see the reveals happening early - it's most frustrating when authors try to withhold information that the readership has already figured out. It seems like in this case, we're not expected to be surprised, though Cinder is.

I did roll my eyes a bit when glamours came up. It's not one of the concepts held in common among the genre that I particularly enjoy. It feels lazy, at least when it's called by that name.

My Iko as Dot Matrix head-canon is continuing to work pretty well, for personality if not appearance!

Holley | 21 comments Chapter 19 was the chapter in which I wondered if Dr. Erland is playing the role of the fairy godmother to some extent.

message 4: by Ell (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ell Eastwood (ellociraptor) | 14 comments Holley wrote: "Chapter 19 was the chapter in which I wondered if Dr. Erland is playing the role of the fairy godmother to some extent."

He kinda is, isn't he? I felt he was being a bit too chummy, discussing dates and stuff.

Well, nothing shocking has been revealed so far (unless you're Cinder, of course), but I defintely agree that it's nice that these reveals are happening rather early (though we are halfway), instead of everyone holding the idiot ball for the convienence of the plot.

Although Cinder, don't take the droid to the castle the evil queen might see you!!!!

Alaina (lainybird) | 10 comments At first I was kind of 'reaaally?' with the obvious foreshadowing. But I'm enjoying it now. It kind of got alot out of the way, and since we know roughly how the story will likely end, I'm dying to know how everything will come together. The suspense of when the things I know will be revealed to the characters. I'm finding that more satisfying than I thought I would.

Lorrs | 12 comments I do feel like for a supposedly smart character, Cinder was a bit slow in some aspects, (regarding the id chips and what they are used for). I do enjoy her relationship with Peony and that her sickness is a good aspect to keep the stakes high. They show genuine affection for each other.

I'm not sure why Kai is so into Cinder, in the little interaction he's had with her, there doesn't seem to be much reason to be. He's briefly met her three times and he is trusting her with secrets.

Holley wrote: "Chapter 19 was the chapter in which I wondered if Dr. Erland is playing the role of the fairy godmother to some extent."

Good call on Dr Erland I actually hadn't thought of that.

Jessica | 13 comments Ooo, I like the creepy doctor as Fairy Godmother! I also support Kai as Princess Lei. What is in his droid that he's so desperate to get, and why has Cinder been blowing it off?

I do like that she flat out turned him down for the ball. Werq, Cinder!

Does anyone else think the doctor is also a Lunaren? He knows an awful lot about them, avoids mirrors, and has yet to catch as disease he hangs out with every day.

Katie Cunningham (kcunning) | 19 comments Personally, I'm having a hard time forcing myself to pick this book back up. I've read YA, and I *love* re-imagined fairy tales, but this one just isn't hitting the sweet spots for me.

I feel the romance is very, very forced. I mean, right after [tragic event], there's flirting? What?!

Effing (effingunicorns) Thoughts from this section:

1) I like that Dr. Erland tries to explain how the Lunar mind-whammy works and Cinder is just like "soooo magic?", and that judging by the way Kai kissing her hand is written, you can maybe almost question the "shell" part when we finally find out Cinder is Lunar. Not a whole lot, but enough to wonder for now.

2) Speaking of which, I feel like the anti-Lunar racism finally gives some more context in which to make sense of the discrimination against cyborgs: both the Lunar glamour and computerized prosthetics can be seen as downright unnatural if you're not sufficiently educated about them, and I think we all know how easily a small but vocal and disproportionately powerful group can screw things up due to lack of education.

3) I still feel like Meyer is teasing the possibility of Cinder actually being Selene. I also feel like it's a red herring, because everything we've heard about Selene so far suggests Snow White more than Cinderella, but the misunderstandings that result could be interesting.

4) If Kai is Princess Leia (and he still totally is), Nainsi is looking like a mix of R2-D2 and C-3PO.

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