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Hana b (tzveyah) | 164 comments Comment below on chapters 8-14, no spoilers!

Megan (candystripe_legs) | 39 comments So to continue with the discussion of ownership, on page 78 Cinder thinks that if she can prove self-sufficiency, she might be able to annul Adri's guardianship. Which makes me wonder, are cyborgs treated as disabled persons unable to take care of themselves? And why can't she prove self-sufficiency now as the best mechanic in all of New Beijing?

I think this really bothers me because with sci-fi, when you're presenting ideas like this, it's good to be clear. You don't have to divulge it all in an info dump, but you should have a clear idea of how your society or technology works. At this point I don't think Meyer has a clear idea, I think she just thought "cyborgs are second class citizens" without fleshing out exactly how that works.

The medical scenes were pretty successful of making me squeamish. It reminded me of when I made a cyborg character for Shadowrun and had to pick her augments, and thought about what had happened to her to lose the original body parts. Cyborgs are kind of a medical nightmare when you think about it, even if it can improve on the original.

Rowena | 7 comments I think she is dependent upon Adri as her ward and a minor, rather than as a cyborg. But there is bigotry against the cyborgs because they are not quite human. You see it at the market. The bigotry makes her more dependent upon Adri, but then there's also the whole abused child thing of believing what they say and wanting your mom to love you even though she treats you terribly.

message 4: by Sara (last edited Jan 24, 2015 01:20PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Sara | 46 comments Agreed, I think being a minor is the key factor in her dependency right now. It seemed like the male cyborg in the lab made his own choice about going in, and had an independent family and life. Clearly, they're second-class, but not blatantly property.

I would like to have another cyborg character introduced so we could see their perspective, and get a better sense of their place.

Edit: Oh, and I also appreciated the literal peek into Cinder, so we could better understand just how much of her is artificial. It's not like she's just got a few prosthetics. I would speculate that the control system involved contributes to the way cyborgs have become treated and feared.

Lisa Pavia-higel | 68 comments Sara,
I would agree with you except that the term "draft" seems to make it less than voluntary.

message 6: by Megan (last edited Jan 24, 2015 07:12PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Megan (candystripe_legs) | 39 comments Yeah, it's clear you cannot argue with the draft. That and back on page 22-23 she says her stepmother owns her like she owns the android. I put the quote up on the first week's outline :)

Sara | 46 comments @Lisa - for some reason, I thought he hadn't been drafted, but I see now that he's listed as a draft subject.

It still seems to me like he and other cyborgs aren't necessarily the property of an individual, but rather indirectly property of the state. They can go about their lives as they want unless a superior power decides otherwise (at which point, they're without option).

Holley | 21 comments Military drafts apply to otherwise free men in the U.S., but we exclude women.

Other nations have drafts covering men and women and even mandatory military service for their citizens. I point this out, because it is not unusual to have a criteria for a draft.

It looks as the the Doctor is looking for something specific, and I'm not sure at this point, if we can trust his motivation. When Fateen pointed out that he tests young females differently, I thought he was a bit creepy.

message 9: by Amberle (last edited Jan 26, 2015 03:51PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Amberle Husbands | 4 comments I have to agree with the others who've said the major thing this story lacks so far is subtlety. Pumpkin-car, Lunar princess info-dump, creepy doctor who's just a monocle shy of being a Bond-villain...

Also, I have to wonder why an otherwise intelligent-seeming girl wouldn't question the lack of tear ducts, at least, if she thought her limbs had been damaged in an auto accident.

It just seems to me like someone with a basic understanding of anatomy and an advanced understanding of the physical mechanics of things would put two and two together and start questioning.

Effing (effingunicorns) A few things:

1) I had the feeling Cinder was going to turn out to be immune to the disease rather than miraculously coming into near contact with it twice in one day and yet not showing any symptoms of contracting it herself when it apparently works so quickly, so it's nice Meyer didn't try to drag it out for a million pages.

2) The chip in her neck probably has something to do with it, or the two must be connected to a third thing involving why she's extra cyborg-y and also doesn't remember anything before she was modified. I'm leaning towards the latter.

3) When I read "thaumaturge" my interest immediately skyrocketed. I don't mind sci-fi, but fantasy is my go-to genre so the possibility of magic in a sci-fi setting is really exciting. I don't know if it'll be actual magic or weird science that functions like magic, but judging by the mind-whammy that Sybil Whatshername clearly tried to put on Kai, it'll be functionally the same and I'm down with it.

4) I joked about Kai being a Princess Leia analogue in the thread for the first section, because lol rebel royalty, but it's starting to look like he's totally going that way. If he busts out some practical weapon skills, he's gonna need some ear buns.

message 11: by Lisa (new) - rated it 2 stars

Lisa Pavia-higel | 68 comments Effing,

Prince Kai with Ear Buns just totally made my day.

Effing (effingunicorns) Now imagine how all his in-universe fangirls would feel.

Rowena | 7 comments Ear buns. Very good. Cinder, then, would be Han Solo.

Holley | 21 comments Rowena wrote: "Ear buns. Very good. Cinder, then, would be Han Solo."

So we are all agreed that Cinder shot first right?

I wish Goodreads had a like function for comments, because I want to like all the responses in the Princess Leia/Prince Kai thread.

Amberle Husbands | 4 comments The "Princess Leia/Prince Kai" lens has completely altered my reading of the novel... maybe for the better.

message 16: by Megan (new) - rated it 1 star

Megan (candystripe_legs) | 39 comments You like me because I'm a scoundralborg.

Effing (effingunicorns) I'm so glad I could share the magic with you all.

message 18: by Ell (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ell Eastwood (ellociraptor) | 14 comments I didn't really get the thing at the end. Her spine was wrong so it has been crushing some of her nerves and because of that she hasn't been able to blush and stuff? Like it was an error and she's actually supposed to be able to do that? Or did I completely read that wrong?

Ooohhh, the mysterious moon princess that people say is alive!!!! I'm betting these are totally just rumors and that she definitely 100% died in the fire. Seems v legit, since they found tissue and all and there is no way a person could have, idk, something like a prostetic limb or something??? Unheard of (also I think that passage when Prince Leia and Torin son of Thrain son of Thror discussed that would've worked much better if Cinder hadn't already told us about those rumors earlier, but that might just be me)

Bridgett Ashley | 9 comments Holley wrote: "Rowena wrote: "Ear buns. Very good. Cinder, then, would be Han Solo."

So we are all agreed that Cinder shot first right?

I wish Goodreads had a like function for comments, because I want to like ..."

Yes! This. Scruffy nerfherder Cinder.

Alaina (lainybird) | 10 comments Soooo Iko is the wookie?

Rowena | 7 comments I was totally thinking Iko as the Wookie. She might look like R2d2, though. R2D2/Wookie cross?

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