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message 1: by Georgia (new)

Georgia (georgiabarber) | 1 comments I've never done a reading challenge before, so I didn't know how high or low to go! I settled with 35 because it seems manageable, although I'd like to read more because I have so many more books on my list.

So, we're three weeks into January and I've so far read two books, which is fairly decent, to be honest. I'm really struggling to find time to read, though, thanks to school. I was wondering how other students manage to fit in reading time with all their studies, because I'm only doing 4 AS levels and I'm really finding it difficult!

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

That's more than my goal. Lol. I only have 24, and over 200 books on my to read list. Good for you going to school. I have a full plate too. Busy during the day. Working, house stuff, cooking, etc. That is why I kept mine so low, but like you, am hoping to read more. Good luck :).

message 3: by Cassandra (last edited Jan 21, 2015 10:51AM) (new)

Cassandra | 5832 comments Hi Georgia! Welcome to the group. I'm moving your challenge to the folder for challengers who are reading less than 50 books. Good luck with your challenge!

message 4: by Lily (new)

Lily | 8 comments Definitely, school schedules make it harder to fit in reading time. To deal with it recently, I've tried to take a book with me to most places I go, so that any time I have to spend waiting can be used to make progress in my book.
Good luck with your challenge! What do you think of the books you've read so far?

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