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The 4th book to be chosen for our **Unique Book Feature** forum is:

Blood Link
By L. Scott

Blood Link Blood Link (Blood Link #1) by L. Scott

This was nominated by another group member who said:

"It's REALLY uniquely done. First of all, they're vampires in the military. I know.. sounds like a nutty combination, but it definitely works. lol The author was in the military, so it's all very realistic, action wise, and the vampires are totally different than the norm, as well. They eat, drink, go out in sun, and still have that military camaraderie as a unit. Plus, what I really love is even though the book is a little bit 'steamy', it's done very realistically as well. Not the 'heaving bosoms' type of romantic scenes, which tend to annoy me in some paranormal books. Anyway, I hope you'll check it out. There's a good 4 or 5 books so far in the series, but I'm only on the first. They've all got killer reviews, though she's a relatively unknown author, which is kind of cool, in and of itself."

What other reviewers are saying:

- "This is a different take on the vampire lore. Vampires in the military? Talk about a "Special Ops Team"! The characters were likeable and interesting. Blood Link is a light, fun read and I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the series to see what happens next."

- "There are so many things to love about this book! The concept itself, that of a vampire organization within the military, is so original and you can tell Lynne Scott is a veteran herself. I love the idea of a group of people that was a team before they were vampires and continue to strengthen those bonds once they become immortal. Can you imagine becoming a vampire? I think Scott does a wonderful job of describing all the Sam's reaction to her new life. It feels very realistic, not rushed. Sam is not blindly accepting of her new reality. She questions each part and goes through a whole range of emotions."

- "These books go down like dark chocolate or really fine wine.... simple, sweet, and with a taste that energizes and lingers in the best ways. While they are an indie series, the books are incredibly well written and professionally edited. You'd never know they weren't bestsellers, in other words. The characters are brilliant. These are people you know, you love, and ok... occasionally they'll remind you of the people who irk the crap out of you. But always, they are vivid and realistic and driven by oh so human desires and motivations. The fact that most of them happen to have fangs is almost secondary to the hyper-realistic 'human' details."


Thirty years ago, Sergeant Samantha Jane Elliott had just found the love of her life when her team was attacked. Seven people, including Jay “Cowboy” Evans were ripped from her life in only moments. She’s dreamed of a time when she would see Cowboy again, holding on to the romantic notion of heaven and a happily ever after. As Sam lies dying, the last thing she sees is Cowboy, looking just as he did the night of the attack. But when she awakes, Sam discovers there is no white light or angel wings—there are vampires in uniform and horrifying visions of Cowboy being ripped out of her life again.

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Robert (rlmandell) | 8 comments Take a look at the Jon Merz series Lawson for another take on the vampire lore. In this series vampires are an offshoot of humanity and are born and not made by a bite. They can come out in the sun and are long lived but not immortal.
Lawson is an enforcer for the vampire council and is charged with protecting humanity against rogue vampires.

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Jenika | 14 comments Sounds good JP, adding it to my TBR list. I'm enjoying the Unique Book Features, it's good to find something new and outside the usual. :)

Vroom | 21 comments Just bought a copy. Fingers crossed! So far, I've had two excellent unique reads and one that, while I didn't particularly love it, I'm still pretty happy I gave it a try.

Vroom | 21 comments Really not loving it. I appreciate the texture of some of the background that the author brings but the characters, writing, plotting, they're just not doing it for me. Will push on and try to finish. Anyone else reading this?

Vroom | 21 comments I gave up in the end. All I can say for this one is that it was better than Crossfire.

♥ Ashleigh ♥  Contrary to popular belief I'm not actually mad! (cheshire_red) | 58 comments ohh sounds good. adding to my TBR..... with all the other endless piles of books i want to read.

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