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message 1: by Roger (new)

Roger Lambert (rogerlambertcharternet) | 7 comments My name is Roger Lambert and I am the author and self-publisher of the self-help book, "Paying Victory's Price." This book discusses the price we must pay in order to be successful, and points out to the reader that success is never cheap. At the same time it provides the hope and belief required to be successful. It includes motivational quotes, inspirational stories, personal experiences, and Biblical examples. It is my belief that God wants his children to be successful.

message 2: by Kingdom (new)

Kingdom (kingdomexpansion) | 69 comments Love your site Roger.

message 3: by Roger (new)

Roger Lambert (rogerlambertcharternet) | 7 comments Thanks Kingdom.

message 4: by George (new)

George Youket | 12 comments Hello Roger,

George Youket here, author of, “The Adam Chronicles.” I’m gonna grab a copy of your book if it’s available on Kindle . Love to be motivated, and we can never get enough points on being successful. In fact we know the Word says, “He who thinks he knows something (or he who thinks he knows it all), doesn’t know anything.
You have on your web page the verse, 1John 5:4. This is a powerful verse. I have studied Greek and translated for over 40 years so let me share something about that passage.

In 1John 5:1 we read; "Whoever believes that Jesus is the Christ is born of God,..." This verse uses a personal pronoun, "whoever". So we know that a person can be born again through the power of God. But in verse four we see an impersonal pronoun used, "whatever", that is, “whatever is birth out from God.” So once we are born from above, and the Holy Spirit takes residents in our lives, God now births out of the believer’s heart “whatever” is necessary to overcome any problem. It is God’s power of grace that is in us that is now birthed out from us and though us by our faith, our persuasion. This is what overrcomes this world.

So, if a Christian is struggling with a problem, he just needs to rest in God and let God birth out from him the overcoming victory. This grace power is released not by our self effort, but by our faith in Father's ability. Some think that grace is just “unmerited favor”. However, the definition of grace is "The Divine influence upon your heart and it's reflection in your life, including gratitude" (See Strong's diffinition G5485). Grace is the power of God to work in us and through us. So, I exhort Christians everyday to rest in God’s grace, exercise faith, and watch the overcoming power of God work!
Here is how I understand 1John 5:4 and how I translated it in my Mirror Identity Translation.
“Whatsoever is birthed out from God overcomes the world, and this is the victory that overcomes the world which is released by our faith.”

When we rest and let God, then God’s overcoming power can be released through us. It’s awesome. If we just live by ever rhema word that proceeds out of the mouth of God we will see the results of overcoming power flowing from us.

Grace and peace to you and much success with your book.
George Paul Youket, Author of “The Adam Chronicles”

message 5: by Roger (new)

Roger Lambert (rogerlambertcharternet) | 7 comments Thanks for the great information George, it was very meaningful. As I was writing my book whenever I struggled to find the words to express the point I was trying to make, I would find a quiet place, ask God for his guidance, and wait for his answer. God was faithful to provide the words necessary to move forward, as I rested in his presence.

message 6: by George (new)

George Youket | 12 comments Had the same experience myself Roger. It is an awesome experience to walk with our God.

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