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Roxanne Shriver (roxannexshriver) | 234 comments Mod
When Tadashi died, he became a ghost that looks out for Hiro. So far nobody else can see him.
Plot follows basic film storyline.

Fighter Tadashi
Baymax was never built to be a fighter, only his usual healing self. Tadashi survives the fire, and Hiro helps him to recover by giving him some upgrades. He fights alongside his brother as a part of Big Hero 6.
Plot follows basic film storyline, just replacing Baymax with Tadashi.

Instead of being super heroes, Big Hero 6 is a team of trained assassins! Tadashi is the squad leader.
Plot is based around their various missions. OCs definitely needed!

Description in second post.
Plot follows basic film storyline, then takes a turn for the darker.

Dark Path
Description in second post, including basic plot for the roleplay.

Dystopian AU
Description in link.
The various alliances are very important, so pay attention! OCs definitely needed.

Cyborg AU
Hiro tried to follow his brother into the burning building, and got horribly burned as a result. Tadashi patched him up by combining him with robot parts, thus creating cyborg Hiro! Now the two brothers are searching for the person that caused the fire. And at least one of them wants revenge...
Somewhat follows the movie storyline... but Tadashi's still alive, and the two don't work alongside the rest of the group.

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Roxanne Shriver (roxannexshriver) | 234 comments Mod
Differences between similar AUs

Tadashi survives the fire, but is warped because of the pain and trauma. He becomes an anti-hero that is under the control of some sort of evil organization. He must fight the Big Hero 6 team, including his little brother and Baymax.

Main Heroes: Hiro/Tadashi
Minor Heroes: Honey, Gogo, Wasabi, Fred
Main Villain: Tadashi
Minor Villains: Evil Organization

Dark Path:
Tadashi has amnesia from the fire, and goes in search of his past. Hiro has turned to the dark side, killing Callaghan with his microbots. He has taken over the minds of his friends, forcing them to fight for him. Baymax has been redesigned again to version 3.0.

Main Hero: Tadashi
Main Villain: Hiro
Minor Villains: Honey, Gogo, Wasabi, Fred

The world has been split into rich and poor. The poor districts are run by several gangs, controlled by the Big Hero 6 group. A rebellion fights against the corrupt rich society. Tadashi and Hiro do their own thing, causing needless violence along the way.

Main Hero: Gogo, Honey, Wasabi, Fred
Main Villains: Evil Organization
Minor Villains: Hiro/Tadashi

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Abigail   (rose_way) | 72 comments i found this and its kinda sad i would need to find out more but i found this important

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