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Does anyone else think uncle rick played down Annabeth to make piper look better?
Cyan Cyan Jan 21, 2015 07:22AM
In the blood of olympus it seems to me that rick makes Annabeth scared of everything while Piper actually fights and stuff. Like when Jason gets stabbed Annabeth is FREAKING OUT and Piper's like whatever i need to stay calm. And also when they are fighting the giant and the fear spirits or whatever Annabeth is (again) FREAKING OUT and Piper is telling Annabeth to stay calm. i don't know it just seems backwards to me. Anyone else?

I think he might of been trying to show how Annabeth changed during Tartarus and how she isn't the same person she was. By making her panic when Piper doesn't, going against what we might expect, shows that Tartarus had a big impact and highlights how terrible it was for them down there. But I think it is a bit weird though, I can see what you mean.

I think Rick should have addressed Percy and Annabeth more in BoO. He doesn't really do much apart from make them terrified of everything. I think he should have gone into more depth about how they changed, I mean they pretty much never talk about it as a group which is unrealistic. They all became close in mark of Athena and I expected more fuss when they escaped and I thought the others would make them talk about Tartarus to help them deal with it. I had a lot of problems in general with BoO but Annabeth's underdevelopment really gets to me. She's my favourite character and is a strong girl, someone who would try their best to overcome their issues and wouldn't leave them in thed ark.

I think Annabeth should have been more... you know... Annabeth. I mean she's supposed to be super strong and tough Tartarus shouldn't have messed her up THAT bad that she would lose some battle skills and peace of mind!!

I loved The Blood of Olympus, as I loved all of the Heroes of Olympus books, but i was really annoyed when there were no Percy and Annabeth chapters, as they are my all time favourite characters, and so I really agree with you on that point. All we got were goddamn Jason chapters. I mean, URGH!!

Cleopatraselene2 I always hated the Percy and Annabeth chapters but loved Jason's. I find Percy shallow and Annabeth totally blinded by Percy. Jason has so many levels ...more
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I liked the way Piper and Jason were in the Lost Hero and the Mark of Athena better. I don't like how they changed to be more like Percy and Annabeth.

Percy and Annabeth were both played down like he was trying to make room for Piper and Jason. I don't like that. Percy and Annabeth are and will always be better than Piper and Jason. Sorry if that offends anyone. But they just both weren't in BoO enough and didn't act like themselves when they were. Percy lost a fight. Annabeth had no logic whatsoever. I wanted to cry.

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Yeah, I definitely agree. It was like Rick realized that fans were liking Percy and Annabeth more than Jason and Piper and so he tried to push them into the spotlight. But even that has not changed my opinion. Percy and Annabeth are and always will be better than Jason and Piper. The only reason he gives for Percy and Annabeth's sudden lack of strength and disability to think straight is that Tartarus messed them up bad. But I think that's a very lame reason because Percy and Annabeth are strong enough to go through something as bad as Tartarus and have the strength to move on. In my opinion, it was just Rick trying to force us to like Piper and Jason.

What I find sad is that people actually find this believable. In some reviews I've seen, people say that Piper or Jason has become their favourite character after reading BoO and they just find Percy and Annabeth weak and annoying. I mean, come on! Don't you see that the author is trying hard to make us like these characters by downplaying our previously favourite characters? To me, it just seems lame and something not expected from Rick Riordan.

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In the last book, percy and annabeth were not themselves. They almost seemed like completely different characters. I know they went through a lot in tartarus, but, yeah, he definitely pushed piper into the spotlight more. The only other character not pushed to the background was leo, because I think rick realized that everyone loves leo

I hate the fact that Annabeth- and Percy, too - suddenly became helpless, stupid, and useless. So evil.

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Rick definitely downplayed their skills. I mean, yeah, this is all about the new characters and stuff, but throughout this whole book, they've been useless. You can give the spotlight to the other three, but you shouldn't take the spotlight away from Annabeth and Percy just to make the other characters look better. It's unrealistic how nervous and shaky they are.

Yes, Tartarus had a huge effect on them, but they're demigods, they've come face to face with death, and the main thing that happens is the fact that Annabeth's frightened of Percy. The only significant moment they have in BOO is when he kisses her. Still, I wish Rick put that in their Pov, not Piper's.

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