Alice in Zombieland (White Rabbit Chronicles, #1) Alice in Zombieland question

Why did people give this book a bad review?
Biz Difrances Biz Jan 21, 2015 07:19AM
This book was good in my opinion, but I want to know why some people gave this book a bad review.

No idea I haven't seen bad reviews about this honestly.. I absolutely LOVED this book and the other 2 as well. (Especially Alice her character and Kat)

I absolutely loved this book sand I saw the bad reviews and can actually understand where the people are coming from. The title itself is "misleading" in a way, I think what they expected was for it to actually be like wonderland, just zombified. The whole journey from the original book, but with zombies. Never the less I enjoyed all the books, fell in love with the characters and died with some of them.

I guess everyone likes different books and most people thought it had something to do with the original Alice in Wonderland story. I liked the book a lot and I keep reading bad reviews and arguments that I totally don't agree with. But we're all different you know. We like different books and stuff like that.

I didn't like this book that much and I think that was because I had a different thought on how this book would be. Sadly I couldn't wait til I finished it...

Anoeska Nossol I thought it would be some sort of walking dead combined with Alice in Wonderland. It was a cliche and confusing story but I did like it to be honest. ...more
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Ash I totally agree w you!
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