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Romance Book where the alpha hero gets the heroine pregnant on purpose
Kagu77 Kagu77 Jan 21, 2015 07:12AM

Are there any books where an alpha male gets the girl pregnant on purpose or is trying to get her pregnant during the book? I can't think of any. Maby anyone can help me out with this??

big thanks!! :)

Billionaire Bachelors and Baby for the Billionaire series by Melody Anne. Only thing is that the boyfriend isn’t trying to get the girl pregnant. The father is sort of playing the role of matchmaker and sets up his sons with different girls he thinks they would like and even later love. They are really good books. Hope this helps @kagu77

Fiona Davenport's 'Yeah Baby' series, also some of Alexa Riley's and Aurora Rose Reynold's.

There is brett's little headaches really good book , alpha hero

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I seen a novel, I can not remember to much of it, I do not remember the author's name, or the title , I do not remember what the cover looks like, I can not remember to much of the description, I seen it on amazon, and read the description at that time my library was full, I was going to get it once I finished the books I had downloaded
It was something like this!
a girl crushed on a boy, and he was older then her, I believe her ended up dating her sister so she married his brother, with in time she fell in love with her husband ( his brother ) I think he almost got hurt or something for her to realize she was in love with him instead of have the crush on his brother, I can not remember the characters name, I wish I could remember so I can read it!

Hey, what about books with overprotective brothers or dads? I've been thinking it would be fun to read, but don't know which books...

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Brooke Johanna Lindsey's Malory and Anderson series are all about over protective males. Their historical romance novels. She is a fantastic author, I find m ...more
Nov 06, 2016 08:08AM

Have a go at the Until series by Aurora Rose Reynolds. Them Mayson boys are all baby makers!

Victoria Wessex has some books and so does maya banks

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