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Belart Wright (belart_wright) | 2 comments FREE TODAY 1/21/15, pick up your copy of AJE:

What is Average Joe and the Extraordinaires?

Average Joe and the Extraordinaires is a book about an ordinary teen, named Joe Black, who's life takes a drastic change after he meets a few truly extraordinary people. In the beginning he fights to escape a terrible situation with his life and afterwards he tries to prove to his town that he's not the terrorist that he's now been accused of being. The rest of his tale includes him trying to reconcile his regular life with this crazy new life that he's unfortunately been involved in.

But it's not all about Joe. Behind the scenes there is a monumental plot taking shape. There is a shadowy trio of men who've spread a lot of misery throughout Orangetown and the rest of the Sunshine State. These men are not above kidnappings, murder, extortion, manipulation, and mass destruction to get what they want. How the heck does regular ol' Joe even stand a chance against men this dangerous? Well he has friends. Enter the extraordinary talents of the super-spy Beauty, the no-nonsense ex-Detective/ex-FBI/P.I. Hank Borland, his tough-as-nails protege Dahlila, and the mysterious and unnaturally even tempered little Melissa. Together these talented folks try to untangle deadly plots and most importantly keep Joe alive against threats that now want him dead. Will they succeed and even if they do how will normal ol' Joe cope with such a mighty change to his status quo? Find out within the pages of Average Joe and the Extraordinaires!

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Singing Bowl Wow, thanks for the book. I'll be sure to give it a read as soon as I can. My tbr is a bit backed up though.

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Belart Wright (belart_wright) | 2 comments Jason wrote: "Wow, thanks for the book. I'll be sure to give it a read as soon as I can. My tbr is a bit backed up though."

Hey no problem Jason! Get to it when you can, I'm sure you'll enjoy it! Thanks for the DL

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