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T.S. Adrian (shadyia) | 163 comments Hello all. My story, my passion was sent to an editor yesterday. She has been generous enough to divide her payments into 4 parts. I paid the first.

For the rest, I started a funding campaign through Here is the link:

Please take a moment out of your busy lives to have look. I want to tell this story. She wants me to tell this story. Help me make it happen!

message 2: by Ann (new)

Ann (flyingann) Hi there!

Do you have an excerpt posted anywhere? Or a sample of your writing?

Best of luck...

message 3: by T.S. (new)

T.S. Adrian (shadyia) | 163 comments I have an old sample post a year or more ago. I will be happy to post another here:

Hearty laughter made Dunstan turn his head, scowling at the interruption. Shadyia had collapsed in his men’s arms, her face hidden behind a mass of dark hair hanging down. Dun-stan threw back his shoulders and laughed, but Amrita furrowed her brow, not understanding what Shadyia hoped to accomplish. True, no man enjoyed battering an unconscious girl, but how long could she continue the act before they roused her with slaps and cruelty?

The Wolfguard with the curved dagger released Shadyia’s arm and moved to face her, forcing his companion to take her weight. Gathering a fistful of black hair, he jerked her head upright but his grin melted when met with the blue fire of Shadyia's open eyes. As his face scrunched in confusion, Shadyia reached low and slid his curved blade from its sheath. The upward cut she dealt beneath his chin reddened her face. Grasping his spurting artery in two hands, the Wolfguard released her hair, giving Shadyia room to reverse the dagger and plunge it backward into the belly of the man who still held her. In disbelief, Amrita watched as the shrieking guard dropped Shadyia’s arm and snatched over his shoulder at his broadsword. Pivoting on the balls of her feet, Shadyia pulled free the dagger and slashed open the Wolfguard’s throat in one smooth circle. In truth, it was beautifully done; four seconds, three cuts, and two of Dunstan's finest were down, thrashing in their own blood.

“You bitch,” Lord Dunstan said, his blacksteel blade hissing from its scabbard in a swift, practiced draw.

Sisters pulled back their hoods and stared with mouths agape as Shadyia tossed aside the bloodied dagger. Stooping low, she put her foot on the quivering shoulder of the dying Wolfguard and slid free his half-drawn broadsword. Swinging the blade high in two hands, she faced Dunstan.

“Yes, come to me, whore,” Dunstan said, slashing the air. “I’ve killed eleven men in du-els.”

“A fine sport,” Shadyia said as blood dripped off her chin. “I've bagged two today.”

Laughter skipped around the audience. Lord Dunstan lunged at Shadyia, his sword a whistling blur. Their blades met in clang of steel that set Amrita’s teeth on edge. Dunstan leapt back and thrust forward, but Shadyia knocked the assault aside and repeated the move so perfectly, he nearly died from his own trademark. Recovering, he charged, swinging wild-ly. Shadyia stepped aside and smacked his bottom with the flat of her sword as he passed. The Sisters laughed once more; even Amrita couldn’t suppress a grin.
Dunstan clenched his teeth and took a balanced, controlled fighting stance. Shadyia an-swered his challenge by touching the sword’s blade to her forehead and mirroring his pose. Slash and slice of sharp steel echoed off walls and pillars as she parried Dunstan's every as-sault and thrice forced him to retreat. Sisters scattered as the duel moved toward them, some diving behind the fountain or Amrita’s chair and others keeping a pillar between them and the fighters. Amrita could hardly believe what she was seeing. She knew Shadyia had once re-ceived instruction from a Coin who enjoyed the fantasy of a woman warrior, but never imag-ined her gold-belted Sister could handle a blade so well. Sweat beading his brow, the confi-dence on Dunstan's face shifted to frustration as his onslaughts were effortlessly slapped aside and his feints ignored.

Leaning forward, Sybaris moved into Amrita’s vision. “Shall I offer assistance, Madam?”

Amrita glanced at her Mistress and tilted her head toward the duel. “To which one?”

His chest heaving and sweat glistening his forehead, Dunstan stepped back and seized a potted fern from a low table. Before Shadyia could advance, he hurled it at her and leapt to-ward Jenna who cringed next to the fountain. Amrita caught her breath as Sybaris lunged forward, but she knew neither could act before Dunstan killed the young Sister or took her hostage. Her cry of anguish was cut short as Shadyia dodged the pot and charged Dunstan, her shoulder slamming into his back and knocking him into the shallow water. Thrashing, cursing and coughing, he rolled out of the fountain and flopped like a salmon on the floor.

“Fucking whore,” Dustan said, spitting water.

Reversing the sword at the hilt, Shadyia raised it point-down and leapt forward.

“Shadyia, no!” Amrita cried. But too late.

Shadyia stomped on Dunstan’s crotch. As he heaved up, her sword plunged down, impal-ing his chest just left of center. Dunstan looked at the spreading stain on his soaked shirt, then up at the woman who had killed him.

“Cowards deserve no quarter,” Shadyia said and twisted the blade, slicing deeper. Lord Dunstan’s final gasp ended in a moan as the life drained from his eyes. Pushing her sandaled foot against his groan, Shadyia wrenched the sword free and walked away.

For a moment only the cheerful rush of the fountain filled the audience. The sword in Shadyia’s fist dropped to the floor, jolting Amrita from her trance. She watched as Shadyia knelt beside the shallow pool and washed the blood from her face and arms.

Breaking the stillness, Mistress Makayla said, “We are finished. Ruined.”

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Rebekah Phillips | 2 comments That, was well done! I want to read/hear more.

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Rebekah | 28 comments Yep, now I'm curious.

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T.S. Adrian (shadyia) | 163 comments Thank you all. I adore this story, but I may be seeing it the way a father looks at his daughter (i.e. perfect in every way.) This is why I need a professional to look it over. But I greatly value the opinions of readers and I hope one day I can tell them Shadyia and Deresi's story. They are a beautiful couple and so real to me, I am tempted to think they actually exist on some dimension somewhere. Maybe they do.

Here is part to show their relationship:

Shadyia looked down at Deresi. “I will take you away from all this. I will find us a place where we will be safe and happy,” she whispered, lightly sealing the pledge with a kiss. Deresi opened her green eyes, blinked and smiled.

“Hey there,” Shadyia said quietly. “How do you feel?”

“My neck’s sore,” she muttered and looked around. “Where—?”

Hisses echoed down the passage. Deresi gasped, her eyes wide.

“It’s all right,” Shadyia said quickly, placing a hand on her shoulder. “They won’t come in here.”

“The boat?” Deresi asked. “What happened?”

“Ah, well,” Shadyia said, feeling abashed. “I knocked you out.”

“You did?”

“Sybaris taught me how,” Shadyia said, shrugging. “Blame her.”

Deresi grinned at the joke, but replaced it with anguish. “I am to blame. I shouldn’t have come.”

“Don’t say such things. Remember, you figured out the doors.”

“Aaron would have thought of that,” she said, shaking her head.

“Maybe. But we couldn’t have opened them all without you. And without you, he would have fallen into that hole.”

Deresi made a dismissive sound. “You mean the one behind the door I opened?”

Shadyia sighed. “Now you’re just arguing with me.”

Deresi’s eyes filled with tears. “I’m so scared of this place,” she said, wet lines streaking down her cheeks. “I thought it’d be fun. It’s not.”

“I’m here with you,” Shadyia said, holding her hand. “We’ll get through it.”

Hugging her neck, Deresi sniffed. “You’re so brave. I want to be more like you.”

Shadyia kissed her ear. “Remember what I said in the stables?”

Deresi nodded.

“I meant every word. When we see the sun again, you will look back on all this and tell everyone how exciting it was and how you wished you could have looked behind every door, solved every challenge and found every treasure.”

She snorted and laughed.

Reaching into her shirt, Shadyia brought out the small box she kept since that morning. “Joyous first of Samprina,” she said, offering the box.

Deresi took the box and eagerly opened it, revealing the gold ring with the three jade stones. She slipped it on her finger and admired the perfect fit.

“It’s the one that rolled under my bed.”

“It’s beautiful,” Deresi said. She looked at her palm and turned her hand to read the in-scription. “Sha and Dee forever.”

Deresi hugged her again. Shadyia pushed back her red hair and kissed the bruises on her neck. The kisses drifted to Deresi’s chin and then her mouth. They touched tongues and in-dulged on each other’s lips for several minutes, their fingers exploring, squeezing and pleas-ing. When Shadyia bit Deresi’s nipple through her blouse, she gasped loud enough to make Aaron groan and stir. Sharing a grin, they cooled their passions and touched their foreheads together.

“You think old Mirrikh ever thought two women would make love in his little dungeon?” Shadyia whispered.

Deresi quietly giggled. “He’s probably trying to climb out of his grave right now.”

“No doubt,” Shadyia said, sniggering.

Stroking her cheek, Deresi said, “Why don’t you get
some sleep. I’ll keep watch.”

The thought alone put weights on Shadyia’s eyelids. “Are you sure?”

Deresi smirked. “Yes, thanks to you, I had a nap. Go ahead. Believe me, if anything slith-ers in here, I’ll let you know.”

Shadyia kissed her, silently pointed out the leftover food and drink, and wrapped herself in the thick blanket Aaron created. Her last sight as sleep took her was Deresi admiring the ring.

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