How do YOU think they are going to present Tris's Death in the Movie Allegiant?

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message 1: by Tahlia_k (new)

Tahlia_k | 5 comments Would you make the movie end with her living/continuing her life with tobias or would you make her death different than the books?

message 2: by Ishbel (new)

Ishbel | 484 comments I would keep it the same as the book, I think that changing it would be disrespectful to Veronica and her story. I hope they don't change it to keep the cinema audience happy, because all the readers will know that they did.

message 3: by Gwen (new)

Gwen  (lemonadewho) | 23 comments they should keep it the same as the book or at least smiliar.

message 4: by Kynkynsmc (new)

Kynkynsmc (little infinities) | 10 comments I think they have too. Veronica is part of the filming. She was even in the first movie!!!! Idk why she let them change insurgent's story line about a box but I don't think that she could be persuaded to change the end of her trilogy.

message 5: by Fadwa (new)

Fadwa Marghany  (fadwaezzat) they should keep it the same as the book

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