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Joel Sanchez Night by Elie Wiesel to me was a great book and it was also very sad to read. The story is about a teenager named Elie and he went through a lot of the bad stuff that went on during the war. Elie describes how the Nazi made him and his family leave their comfortable home and moved them to concentration camp. The Nazis were very mean to Elie's family because he was not like them and the Germans wanted to kill all of the people that were not like them or were against them. Elie's family was put in a concentration camp in Auschwitz. This was a very bad time for Elie because he was taken out of his house, and he watch other people die around him. He knew that everything going on in the camp was bad for humans, and he wrote this book to tell others how bad it was and that it destroy so many people. In this story, the German soldiers in charge of the camp would treat the prisoners like Elie bad by calling them mean things like dogs. When it was cold, the soldiers did not care if the prisoners had any good clothes and they had to dress and be warm in whatever they found or was given. This book made me sad because of the struggle so many people go through and people complain when they do not have stuff that they do not need. This show that people need to see how other people need more stuff more than them to live.

Danielle August totally

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Janis Mills Such a grim horrible chapter in human history when paranoia drove humans to their lowest depths. This book was shattering for me to read but I also saw the resilence of humans and how they can rise out of the ashes and continue on through life. I just wish that those politicians that are creating paranoia against certain groups could learn from the past. I see so many patterns of history are repeating again. I constantly see history repeating itself on the news but we are not learning from the past.

Danielle August History never repeats itself... But it does ryhme....
- Mark Twain

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