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Model: Imperial II-class Star Destroyer
Crew: 37,085 | Passengers: 9,700 | Cargo capacity: 36,000 tons

"Have you ever seen what a Star Destroyer can do to the surface of an unshielded planet? Stones run like water and sand turns to glass."

―Carnor Jax

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Lyndsey "Your hair," the woman's voice echoed distantly in her ears, the passage of time weakening the memory that boiled to Ciel's conscience as she lay within the darkness of her quarters. "The heavens twist themselves into the very strands spilling across your shoulders, don't you see this child? The stars themselves would envy such a gift."
Ciel gripped the hilt of the saber clutched in her hand, trying to block out the unwelcome words. Anger coiled in her gut; anger at herself for remembering them.
Ciel's eyelids fluttered open, her hand instinctively reaching for the sensory pad imbedded into the wall directly over her head. A low flush of yellow tinted light filled the room, illuminating the sparsely decorated interior.
Ever since the incident yesterday, Ciel was persistently haunted by the voice of the mother she had long ago forsaken. Even her dreams now, wouldn't let her be rid of the hideous memories she'd tried to bury inside herself.
Sitting up, Ciel blinked in the dim lighting, the mismatched color of her irises exuding an unnerving aura. In her opinion, this was an asset. It spoke the message her body would later send, before it happened; that most of her associations, better watch their backs.
Ciel slid from the bed, giving a brief order to one of the control displays which popped up on the farthest wall. It seemed the blasted ship couldn't run two hours without her intervening in some way. She wondered where Gavin was, and if he had completed the assignment she had given him.
With these silent musings spinning in her mind, Ciel adorned some practical attire. Practical, yet not without a slight flare of extravagance. The thought brought a smirk to her lips as she walked from the room, a smirk that was quickly replaced by her usual vacancy of expression.
The mission had been meant to keep Gavin busy so that she would have time to cool off after yesterday. Exploding at the woman aboard the docking bay hadn't been what Ciel was intent upon doing, yet something about her brought back more of the past than she was willing to admit. Ciel wondered if the woman was recovering in one of the ships medical rooms; then scolded herself for even thinking further of it. What was she going to do? Seek her out and finish the job?
An officer approached her then, bowing his head in respect, and then launching into whatever he'd intended to tell her.
Ciel rose a hand, blocking off his words. She heard the man give an audible gasp, as her fingers used an invisible force to constrict the air around his throat. "Officer, unless the republic has decided to personally show up at our door, whatever news you have can be directed to more useful places. As of now, you are wasting my time. My presence here is for a sole purpose, and that does not include you---" She then turned to look at him, her eyes narrowing almost imperceptively. "Unless, of course, you'd like to make yourself part of that purpose." Her words carried an ominous message, and the officer quickly regained himself. Releasing him, she continued down the hall, ignoring the splutterings of the man left behind her.

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The acolyte absentmindedly toyed with his sheathed saber in his hands, leaning against a railing and drumming his free fingers against it. He was cleaned up and dressed in something far more casual than the outfit he usually wore, except the scarf. That always stayed on his person. Gavin had long since finished his assignment his master gave him, however, he wasn't ignorant, and he knew why she had him leave. She needed her time and space, and the man was more than willing to give it to her. The last thing he wanted to be was in her way when she got angry. He took his time during his little mission, then when he could no longer waste time, he came back to simply wait until Ciel was ready to come out with a level head.
That poor woman yesterday really hadn't deserved it, but then again, that was the more interesting part. What was it that his master found in that woman that set her off? Was it memories of the past she avoided discussing like it was the plague? Or was the woman really that hideous that the very sight of her made Ciel ticked off? The questions went through his mind, and no sooner than they came, they left. It was no business of his to wonder about his master's hatred and decisions. She could easily handle herself. Although, it probably was a good thing he was there to keep someone from needlessly dying right then and there.
Gavin's thoughts were interrupted as he felt Ciel's power now as she most likely left her room, and he could feel it grow closer. There was a small spike that intervened, and Gavin almost felt sorry for the poor sap who tried to tell her anything before she was ready to care. It actually brought a little chuckle out of him, something that caught the attention of a few of the people around him.
The acolyte pushed off of the balcony edge he was holding onto while he watched the bustling about below to keep the ship running, turning toward where he could feel the power approaching and walking in that direction. It wasn't long at all before he saw the petite Sith, and he could practically feel the chill that her mood put off. Nonetheless, he smiled, or rather smirked, "I hope you didn't murder anyone on the way here, my Lord."
He stuck to formalities often when on the ship, because you never know who would pass by and when.

[ Sorry if this isn't long enough. I'm getting ready to go to class. ]

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Lyndsey ((Nah, it's perfect! Didn't expect half that much effort xD))

Ciel cocked an eyebrow at her Acolyte's words, taking in his appearance with a removed expression. "If I had, you would have felt it, wouldn't you." Her response was a cold challenge---unfeeling even to her own ears. While kindness had never come easily to Ciel, Gavin had been with her long enough that she ought to reign in her temper. Avoiding eye contact, she surveyed the area behind him.
Some might find it odd that Ciel would choose an Acolyte older than herself; however, from the moment she met Gavin it never felt that way. Yes, the difference in their age was a factor in their student master relationship---yet it was Ciel's power, that was what set her apart from the Acolyte.
Returning her gaze to Gavin however, she had to admit that he had grown in the force far more quickly than she'd expected. When they had started, the idea that he might want to dethrone her had been a feeble thought. Now, Ciel didn't have to exercise her imagination that far. He was growing. One day soon, he would pose as not just a formidable enemy to the republic, but to her as well.
"A shuttle is ready and waiting for our departure to Dagobah, are you ready?" Ciel asked tersely, giving the impression that it mattered little to her whether he was ready or not.

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[ I like to match my partners effort on most occasions, but I never write any less than five sentences at the bare minimum. ]

"Of course, I only speak of it because of your previous temperament, but I see now that you're back to a more sensible state." Gavin felt the grin that wanted to break free twitch at his lip, however he kept it in to keep from overstepping his boundary and pissing off his master anymore than she was already. Not that he wasn't entertained greatly by her anger. She was one of the few people around here that would actually respond to his teasing, everyone else being quite submissive to the power he possessed. It didn't take much at all; not to mention the fact that the power was growing as he learned from Ciel. She was still far more powerful than he was, and could easily put him down in a fight, but that could very well change sometime soon. Part of him dreaded that day. Despite the particular side he was allied with, he was quite fond of Ciel, and it made him almost sad to think that in order to become a Sith, he would have to remove Ciel and claim her position.
But there was no sense in thinking of that now, because they had places to be. When Ciel asked her question, that really wasn't a question in his mind, he replied with, "If I said no, would that change when the shuttle was leaving?" He knew the answer, so it was more a rhetorical question. He shrugged, "I'm ready, so let's go. What business do we have there anyway?"

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Lyndsey ((It's not really the length that I care about, just the effort.--but five sentences is great! I'm generally a good sized paragraph, but I can go crazy sometimes. Lol.))

Gavin's words hung between them a moment, Ciel's eyes boring into him with the unreadable gaze she usually adorned after personal queries. How much did she trust him with?... It was always the question that came between them---always the thought staying her words before she spilled them.
She'd felt the subtle stirrings of the force within Dagobah, long before it became a gentle pulse inside her head. Something lay down on the planet's surface; something which had called to Ciel from half way across the galaxy. How could she explain it? If she did, what would she say to her Acolyte if her search unveiled nothing? It had been over a year since the stirrings had begun, by this time, she wouldn't be surprised if whatever called her here had long since vanished.
"Just keep an eye out, Magdalene." Ciel finally replied, turning and making her way towards the shuttle port. She didn't look back to make sure he was following, she knew he would be. For some reason, he always was. Always, just a few steps behind her. It was slightly unnerving.

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The acolyte probably should have been expecting that answer, especially with the gaze she gave him before hand- oh how he got that gaze often. Still, when the words came, he let out a small audible sigh. Trust was not something he was expecting, but he felt at this point, maybe he deserved just a little bit. Either way, there was no reason to try and argue that point. "Aye aye, Ma'am." Gavin followed his master without another word until they reached the shuttle.
He didn't follow the woman because he was dependent on her. As a matter of fact, he was perfectly fine with leaving her alone if that's what she asked for. It just so happened that the fondness he felt had him naturally by her side. He chose to be there, and when he'd chosen the dark side, he felt at like he belonged for the first time in his life. Ciel was special to him in a way, not that he'd admit that out loud. A member of the Sith with a weakness such as an emotional connection? As if he would let that get out to the public.
Getting to the shuttle and into it had Gavin mentally cringing. Relatively small spaces with nothing to do but sit and wait until they arrived at their destination... that was definitely not his thing. Nevertheless, into the shuttle he went and sat down he did.

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Lyndsey ((Continued at swamp))

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