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1# Supernatural Girls

This plot is based off the tv show Supernatural. The plot would need you to have seen at least the first season of the tv show, or somewhere around there. And now to the explaining.

So by this point everyone knows the story of Sam and Dean. Their mom died when they were a baby in a fire when Sam was two months old. Their father knows that it wasn't normal means about how she died. It was a monster. So John went out and killed monsters, trying to find his wife's murder. Along the line John teaches his kids how to hunt. They become the best hunters, telling themselves that family is blood. They are the only people that you can count on. Then their father dies, and Sam and Dean continue the search for their mothers killer. But along the line fate get's involved. Two girls show up. One loves rock, and wears leather jackets, being the hardcore sister she can be. While her younger sister loves books, and even wants to become a teacher,she sometimes can be shy. They both lost their parents recently. Or rather both their parents where demons, and they killed each other while they watched. Hunters came eventually being that the demons just kept killing each other over and over. They got rid of the demons inside, but their parents were far too gone. The two sister's fell apart after that. And when Sam went to Harvard, He meet the younger sister. While Dean went hunting with his father, he met the older sister. Along the line they all get together and become hunters.

Dean Winchester~

Danielle Dartying~

Sam Winchester~

Samantha Dartying~

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Personality: Dean is funny, mischievous, immature. He likes drinking, porn and his little brother Sammy. He uses crude humor and doesn't talk about his feelings, preferring to keep them inside.

+ Classic Rock
+ Alcohol
+ His brother, Sam/Sammy
+ 1967 Black Hardtop Chevy Impala

- Azaezl
- Flying
- Salads


Personality: Dani is a shy girl. Ever since her parents were possessed by demons, she has become even shyer. She loves her older sister. Dani is very caring and patient, which is one reason why she wants to be a teacher.

+ Books
+ Cats
+ Her sister, Samantha aka Sam

- Fighting
- Demons
- Needles

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Sam has always been the older sister. Sure when Dani was little she wanted to return her to the store, but Sam always looks out of her. She's Loyal, and caring for her family. But she carries her guilt with her, and won't let people see her hurt. She keeps fighting with her head held high. Push all those traits aside and she the bad girl. She loves to party, and to get into trouble. Sometimes though it finds her.

~ Rock Music
~ Working on her Motorcycle
~ Having fun
~ Tequila
~ Being strong

~ Country Music
~ Wine
~ Normal (In general)
~ Siting around, doing nothing
~ Pie (Only exception is coconut cream pie)
~ Ghouls (Does not like the idea of being eaten and then impersonated)

Sam is usually kind, empathetic, intelligent and independent. He is often the exasperated voice of reason. He is smart, and even went to Harvard when his family moved around all the time. Sam has been called kind, caring, and gentle. Dean often calls him a prude. He finds it hard to 'work the job'. He has a certain Empathy when it comes to killing, and this is the main reason he will not hunt.


~ School
~ Law
~ Fixing things
~ Beer
~ 'Being himself'

~ Clowns
~ Killing things
~ 'The family Business'
~ Being the center of attention
~ Bugs

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Danielle Dartying walked across the lawn of Stanford. She clutched a book to her chest as her bag smacked against her hip. Her blonde hair was pulled back into a loose ponytail, but wisps of it had come out, framing her face. Her eyes flickered up and down from the ground as she made her way to the parking lot. She'd just gotten out of her last class of the day and was looking forward to going to her apartment, having a cup of hot chocolate, reading Alanna: The First Adventure, and cuddling with her cat.

The next time she looked down, it was for just a moment too long, causing her to run into someone. She squeaked and dropped her book. "I-I'm sorry," she said, looking up and up at the guy she had run into.


Dean Winchester sat at the bar of a small pub in Creede, Colorado. He nodded to the bar tender and received another beer. It was his fourth of the night. And this didn't include the whiskey he'd drunk before he came in. He took a drink of his beer and set it down with a sigh. His dad, John Winchester, had sent him here on a job, taking care of a poltergeist that had taken up residence in some home. It had been easy enough to kill and now he was waiting for a call to tell him his next job. Only, it hadn't come. He'd been here two weeks, without a word from John. It wasn't really that abnormal, but he wasn't answering any of his phones.

Dean sighed again and took another drink. He looked around the bar at the customers till his eyes caught on a blonde wearing a leather jacket.

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Sam had been roaming around the campus all day. He had just started at Stanford, and he couldn't get over how free this felt. Sure he had been alone all the time when he was little, but he always had his brother with him. That's when Sam started to think about Dean, and his dad. How are they? Is Dean still pissed at me? He knows that this is my dream, he shouldn't be so upset. One thought after another about his family, and their 'business'. If people really knew the truth about the things that go bump in the night, a lot of people wouldn't have the courage to go out of their homes. He was so focused on his thoughts that he bumped into a small blonde, her head in a book till it fell out of her hands. She was pretty, and normal pretty girls where not something Sam worried about. But it was like he would miss his favorite part of a movie if he looked away.
Samantha Elizabeth Dartying. What a mouth full. Samantha sat a sleazy bar, twirling a shot of tequila on the counter. She didn't know what to do. The one thing she was good at was taking care of her little sister, Sam never really thought about what to do with her future. If she had any dreams before, they all died with the death of her parents. She didn't know why she was feeling this way. Hell, she hadn't seen her sister in months, why was she now thinking about her? Sam brushed her hair over her shoulder, and as she did she noticed that further down the bar sat a man. He was around her age, his hair was almost dirty blonde, and he had such a ruggedness about him that intrigued Sam. "I thought I was the only pen who went to a bar at ... 9:30?" She smiled.

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Dani blushed as Sam kept looking at her. She bent down to pick up her book to hide her embarrassment for a moment. She wished her hair was down because then she could hide behind it. "I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to run into you," she told him, her head tilted back so that she could see his face with her hazel/green eyes. She looked back down at her book and went over it, making sure none of the pages were bent and that the cover was unmarked. It was a new book and she wanted it to look good until she had worn out the spine wit constant re-readings.


Dean smiled when the woman he'd noticed spoke to him. "No. Though I'm surprised to someone as pretty as you in a bar like this," he said as he looked her over. She was very pretty, with her blonde hair and blue eyes. The leather jacket she wore suited her unlike it would have someone else. His own leather jacket had the collar popped up and was worn at the elbows. "So, what brings you here?" he asked as he took a drink from his bottle.

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Sam didn't know why he was starring. He shook his head and smiled, he then bent down to help her with the rest of her things. "It's my fault... I should have paid more attention." He looked her over once more. "I'm sorry if I am being to bold, but you are really beautiful. When you meet girls in a place like this, it's a rare quality." His voice wavers. He felt like he just said the wrong thing and he rushed to save himself. "I mean not that I care what people look like... But I do I mean your... Ugh. I'm sorry I'm rambling. My names Sam." He held his hand out for her to shake.
Samantha let a giggle escape her lips, and she cursed herself. It sounded way to girly, she was supposed to be bad. Not melt because a hot guy was talking to her! Though he was definitely hot... "That's your pick up?" She paused and imitated his voice. "'What brings you down here.'" The smile was still on her face as she moved a few stools down to sit next to him. "I think you need some new material if that's all you could come up with." She flipped her hair over her shoulder again, and held out her hand "I'm Sam."

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Dani was blushing up a storm as he complemented her. She didn't usually get complemented because she always had her nose in a book and ignored the those around her. "T-thank you," she stammered. She smiled when he told her his name and shook his hand, watching as hers disappeared inside his. "My name's Dani." She wondered what kind of coincidence it was that his name was the same as her sisters. Then she wondered what her sister was doing right now.


Dean grinned at her and laughed. "Well, it got you to laugh, didn't it? And you came over here, so it obviously worked like it was supposed to." He took her offered hand and shook it. "Dean. So really, what brings you here? I'm guessing you don't live here." He turned more in his seat so that he was facing her, the amulet his brother had given him, bouncing as he did so.

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Sam hitched his saddle bag higher up his shoulder, as he looked around the campus. "I feel like I should find some way to make up for bumping into you. Would you like to grab a cup of coffee or something?" Sam didn't know what he was doing. Nothing could go anywhere. Dani would just turn into a target, but honestly what would a cup of coffee do to her? He ignored his urge to leave and smile brightly.
Sam shrugged and twirled around the tequila shot again. What was she doing her? Drowning out her thoughts? It was way to early in the day for that but it was the truth. "To be honest... I have no idea. I guess I'm just trying to forget?" She turned so that she was facing him too. She smiled but it was bitter sweet. She wanted to talk to Dani about this not a random stranger. But she didn't exactly want Dean gone. Like she thought before there was just something that made her stay.

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"O-ok," she said, surprised but a little pleased she found. Sam was very handsome so she ignored the fact that he had the same name as her sister. "There's a little coffee shop just off campus that's really nice. It's no Starbucks, but the coffee is good," she suggested to him. She adjusted the strap of her bag so that it sat higher on her shoulder. "I go there sometimes after classes," she added then blushed again, realizing she was starting to ramble.


Dean nodded when he saw her smile, knowing what it meant and understanding it. "I can drink to that," he said before taking another sip from his beer. Despite how much he'd had already, he wasn't feeling more than slightly buzzed. "Must be something big if you're drinking at 9 in the morning," Dean observed. "Now what could be troubling a pretty blonde like yourself so much?" he asked her curiously.

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Sam smiled down at her, "That sounds great. I mean as long as it's walking distance. I ... don't exactly have a car." He spent almost everything he had just getting into college, and benign that the only car he has ever driven is the impala, and his brother has practically claimed the car with blood, there wasn't that many options. "So are you free now? I mean if you have class that's fine I can have a rain check." What if she doesn't even what to go with you? he thought to himself. He read into things a lot.
Samantha didn't know what she saw behind his eyes. Understanding maybe? It didn't matter. But his question did ring through her. What was troubling her? Was it her sister, that they were apart? Or the reason behind it. "My parents are dead." She blurted out. "They went insane and... Well let's just say there isn't enough therapy for what I saw, well anyway after they finally died me and my sister grew apart. When we grew up I always protected her and looked out for her, she was smart and I mean brilliant smart, I knew she was going to college but me? I don't know what to do with my life now that she's not really apart of it." After Sam was done saying that, she just fully realized how badly it was bothering her, and now here she was dumping her heart out to Dean, who she only just met. "Sorry you probably didn't need to know all that." She turned back, facing the bar and three back her shot, and then put the glass back on the counter. "Can I have another?" She asked the bartender.

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"Yes. It's just a little over a block off campus. I just finished with my last class," she said, hiding her giggle with her book. He seemed to be just as flustered as she was right now. Surely he'd asked girls out before or been asked out. She couldn't see someone as good looking as him never having a girlfriend before. "It's this way," she said, turning to her left. She looked back up him again and blushed, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear.


Dean understood what she was talking about more than she knew. His own life seemed to resemble what she said, down to a younger sibling going off to college without him. "You probably won't believe me, but I get a lot of what you're saying. My kid brother left for college too. You should have seen the fight he and Dad had the night he left," he told her as the bartender poured her another. "Growing up wasn't easy, but at least we had each other."

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Sam felt his heart thud against his chest. He had no idea why he was so nervous. He had seen pretty girls before, and talked to girls before. But that about sums it up. She giggled at him, hiding her smile, and he felt his cheeks burn red. But he cleared his throat and walked alongside her. "So how long have you been here at Stanford? I just started about a week or so ago." He tucked his hands in his pockets.


Sam turned back to look at him with wide searching eyes, to see if he was lying. He wasn't, to her surprise. But she really didn't want to talk about her sister anymore. So she smiled again, her fingers curling around her tequila shot. "I do believe you, and I like that you can relate with me. But I think or siblings have had enough of our time, don't you think?" Sam then threw back her... what was it, fifth shot?

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"I started a couple of weeks ago," Dani said as they started walking towards the coffee shop. She had to take three steps to his one. "I'm studying to be a teacher. What are you here for?" she asked him, looking up and tripping on a raised bit of sidewalk. She managed not to fall but her face was as red as a tomato.


"Yeah," Dean said but he immediately felt guilty. It had been his job to look after Sammy since he was four years old. And old habits die hard. He waved over the bartender and he gave Dean another beer and poured Sam another shot. He ignored the look the bartender gave him and took a long drink.

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"I'm here to become a lawyer to be honest. But teaching sounds a lot more interesting. You know I honestly find teaching very admirable. In fact one of my highschool teachers inspired me to be a lawyer, and not have to follow the family business." Never mind that fact that he left out the part where his family's business was hunting monsters, and that he was taught how to shoot a gun when he was six.


Sam was getting a little... fuzzy from the shots. She liked not thinking so hard about her sister, and what she was going to do with her life. She looked at Dean out of the corner of her eye. Damn he was hot, and rugged. She bet that he knew it too. "Why are you here? It can't be because of your brother can it?" She thought it would be way too coincidental if that was the case. But She downed the other shot while she waited for Dean to answer, she wanted to be blissfully drunk today and make bad choices she'll probably regret later.

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"A lawyer? That sounds interesting. Are you going to be a prosecutor or a defense lawyer?" she asked as they walked across the street. When he did become a lawyer, he was going to be very intimidating because of how tall he was. "What is the family business?" she wondered curiously.


Dean gave a short laugh. "No, I'm not here because of him. My, uh, dad sent me here for a job. I'm stuck here till he answers his phone and tells me where I'm supposed to meet him or where I've got to go next. It's been two weeks since I finished up here." He took another long drink from his beer.

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Sam bit the inside of his cheek. He never really thought about what kind of lawyer he was going to be, mostly because he thought he would never get this far. But now that he thought about it, the answer was simple. "I want to help people, so I guess defense lawyer. I know that not everyone is convicted of the crime that they are accused of, and sometimes they are just at the wrong place at the wrong time." But Sam kept his mouth shut about the family business. Hopefully she would leave it alone.
Samantha looked at Dean with a curious look on her face, and normally were she would just think about it herself, she voiced her thoughts. "What kind of job requires you to be a place two weeks at a time? Is it someplace different every time. Are you like a spy or something?" Sam just couldn't stop, her lips unleashing another thought after the other. But she didn't care. Instead she grabbed the whole bottle of tequila, which was now half empty, and pour a little at a time into her mouth. "I'll pay for the whole bottle don't worry." She slurred to the bartender who was now shooting daggers at her.

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Dani smiled at him. "I bet you'll be a really good lawyer," she said as they got closer to the coffee shop. She did notice that he didn't answer her question about the family business she wondered why and was going to ask, till she saw the look on his face. Maybe another time would be better to ask that question. Maybe when they got to know each other better. She smiled to herself. Here she was planning ahead and they'd only just met each other. "We're here," she said as they arrived at the coffee shop. She opened the door and took a deep breath as they walked in. She loved the smell of coffee.
Dean laughed as she took the bottle from the bartender. "That is a difficult question to answer, Sam. I do jobs all over the country and no, I'm not a spy. It's a, uh traveling business, that I do with my dad. You could say it's the family business." He stopped there. He wasn't going to freak out an obviously drunk girl with what he did. He picked up his beer again and drank the rest of it. He wondered what this girl was going to when she got kicked out of the bar a little bit.

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Sam had been so focused on talking he didn't even notice the approaching building. When Dani mentioned it he looked up and muttered, "oh." He didn't even open the door for her like he should have, it was like his manners were left back in his dorm room this morning. He observed the coffee shop, you could never be to careful when you know that the things that go bump in the night are real. The shop had a few tables, and wooden chairs scattered about ad in the far corner a little book shop. "I see where you get you got your book from now." He nodded toward the little shop.
Sam may have been drunk but she wasn't totally blind. She could see something pass over his eyes when he talked about his job. That should have been a sign for Sam to leave now, but she was just comfortable with Dean. He understood her, and that fact that he hadn't tried anything while she was getting even more tipsy have him some more brownie points. "Wait you said your waiting for him? Why don't you just call him? I mean I assume you have his number right?" Sure what ever his father and him did sounded shady, -and Sam wasn't buying the travel agency crap, he was his dad, having each other's number was a no brainier.

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"What? Oh yes. I've found a lot of books there," Dani said blushing. She walked up to the counter and smiled at the girl working there. "Hi, Martha."

"Back again, Danielle?" Martha asked her and her eyes strayed over to Sam. "Whose the cutie?" she whispered.

Dani blushed. "Yes. This is Sam. We kinda...ran into each other on campus."

"Well, if he's got a brother, you send him to me." Dani couldn't help but laugh. "So what are you two having today?"

"I'll have the usual, please," Dani said, growing warm as she thought about the excellent café mocha that they made.
"Yeah. I've tried." Dean didn't mention the fact that his dad had around ten phones and he wasn't answering any of them. "He isn't answering. I've called everyday since I finished with the job here." He looked around at the people in the bar. He was going to have to move on soon so that people didn't start to get suspicious about him. He shouldn't even have stayed here this long. Dean didn't realize that he'd mumbled that out loud as he looked back at Sam.

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Sam moved to stand next to Dani, his arm brushing against her's while doing so. It seemed like he was aware of every movement even when he just flicked his eyes away from dani. "Hi." He moved to shake Martha's hand, and when they were done he put his hands back in his pockets. He smiled kindly at the talk of his brother, "I do have a brother, but I'm pretty sure you would be sick of him in a day." He would have already pissed her off by then. "But anyway I guess I'll just get a cup of coffee."
Sam kicked her boots against the counter absentmindedly . What would she do if her sister was answer her calls. Oh wait she isn't already. But this was different, his dad was supposed to call. Maybe something happened? "Well would you like me to help you find him?" What am I doing?! she thought between sentences. "I mean if he's not answering that could be a bad sign. I'd be happy to help." I'm so going to get murdered if I go with this guy, I just met him!!! ... But he's so freaking hot and I'm too drunk to care.

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Martha laughed. "Alright, sugar. A mocha and a regular coming right up." She turned around and called out the order to another girl and then she punched into the cash register. "Okay. That'll be 4.52."

Dani knew that Sam wanted to buy her coffee, but she couldn't help but reach into her bag to look for her wallet to help pay. She blushed at the look Sam gave her and put her wallet back and checked her phone. It told her she had 10 missed calls from her sister. She snapped the phone shut and buried it in the bottom of her bag. She would listen to the messages later.
Dean hesitated. He liked this girl but he didn't know if it would be a good idea if she came with him. He'd have to tell her what he really did and that might make her run screaming from him. "Yeah. He's never not answered my calls like this before. I mean, if you really want to help. I was gonna go pick up my kid brother and get him to help me. I know he doesn't want to see me and he hates Dad, but I really am going to need his help with this. How many days do you think it will take to get to Stanford?"

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((So me planning ahead here I was wondering what if while sam Sam and Dean go looking for John the first time, that Dani stays behind because Sam doesn't want to get her involved so she then meets Castile. I can play him if you like ^.^. But of course we don't have to do that yet. :P okay posting now!))

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((I like that idea. I keep picturing this scenario in my head of Dean and Sam breaking into an apartment, Dean getting pinned down by Sam, and then Dani coming in and screaming "Sam! What are you doing?!" making them both look at her. lol

Wow. Ok so my dad got the date for one of my night classes wrong and I swear to you he is at this moment calling me a fibber over text.))

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Sam gave held out one of his hands while he used his other to pull out his wallet from his back pocket. He only had $7.52 dollars left. But he wasn't about to let Dani pay, after all he was raised with some manners. He gave Martha the exact change, and stuffed his wallet back in his pocket. While Martha put the money in the register, Sam leaned in close and whispered in her ear. "Does this count as a date now that I payed for you?" He moved back, and had a bright teeth baring smile. He muttered a thank you to Martha before walking further down the counter were their drinks would be.

Samantha liked this, she was going to see her sister, not that she was going to mention that to Dean. In fact if she didn't see her sister when they got there she wouldn't try and find her. Why? Because Sam believed that if she was meant to see her sister she would. But Sam shrugged, "Couple days. Shorter if we speed." She gave Dean a sloppy wink, and then leaned in close like she was kissing his neck, but she whispered in his ear. "Remember how I said I don't know what I want to do with my life. Well not knowing costs. So when grab the bottle make a bolt for the door. Got it?" She then giggled like she told the best secret in the world, and leaned back.

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((Lol I like it. ^.^ and really? Lol if my mom does something like that she gets really mad and blames it one me lol :P))

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Dani blushed so hard that she wouldn't have been surprised if you could warm your hands with the heat coming from her cheeks.

Martha leaned forward and whispered, "If you don't want him, I do."

Dani stared at her with her mouth open before she scurried off to one of the small tables and sat down. "Yes, I suppose it does." Dani had never been on a date before.
Dean gave her a questioning look when she told him how long it was going to take to get to Stanford. "How do you know..." he stared to say and then stopped when she whispered in his ear. He looked at her incredulously and shook his head. He reached into his wallet and put four twenties down underneath his last beer without her noticing. "Whenever you're ready, Sam."

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((Yes really. I am 20 years old. When the new school starts and stuff, my dad gives me the same speech he did when I was in Kindergarden. It's funny.))

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Sam pretended that he didn't notice how red her cheeks were by the time their coffee was ready. He had to admit, he was pleased by her reaction. He was tired of pretty girls acting lien they were balanced, when he said stuff like that. Sam opened his kid and went to the preparing station to add milk to his coffee. He watched Dani out of the corner of his eye. She was so shut, and flustered it was like no one had ever took her out on a date before. When Sam was done doctoring his coffee he took a hesitant sip, "Where do you want to sit?"
Sam gave a sly smile, and grabbed the bottle. She dashed out the door, not taking a second look at Dean till they made it outside. If he got caught it would be his fault, she had warned him. Even thinking that, seeing him outside brought a smile to her lips. Her bike was parked next to what she thought was an impala. She leaned against Betty, and crossed her arms. "So, now that we know where we are going I think it's time to work out the details, hmm?" She smiled to wear you could see her white pearly teeth, and then she started to giggle.

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"I-I usually sit at that table," she said, pointing to a small table with two chairs in the corner. "It gets the best light for reading," she added as they moved towards the table. She held her coffee with two hands and took a deep breath of the steam that rose from it. She blew on it and then took a sip, ignoring the slight burning of her tongue as she did so. She sat down in one of the chairs and cradled her coffee between her hands.
Dean smiled at her and leaned against the door of the Impala. "Nice bike," he said, looking it over. "But, if you don't mind, I'd rather we take my car." He crossed his arms as he looked at her. "Well, I know Sammy's at Stanford. I think I know what dorm or whatever they're called that he's staying at. I can sneak us in and I'll be able to talk with him about coming to look for Dad."

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Sam have a single nod and walked to the table, hoping Dani would follow. He sat down put he cup down in front of him, and then looked around the shop again. He couldn't help it, he was vulnerable, but he knew what lurked in the dark, and wouldn't be stupid if he saw something inhuman. It's not that he was scared or anything like that, he just didn't want people hurt if he could help it. "So where are you from?" Sam asked trying to start a conversation, like normal people do. He smiled at the thought.
Samantha scoffed. "If you think I'm leaving my baby behind your insane. I'll just follow behind you. Here you have a phone give me your number in case you need to call me or something." She pulled out her flip phone and set it up where he could just punch his number in. While he was doing that. Sam took the time to check out his ride. It was nice but... Riding on her bike beat riding in that thing any day. She started putting on her jacket, and pulled her book bag on. It carried her clothes, and what little makeup she had. This is what she lived by.

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"Tennessee. Sam hated it because of all the country music that was played on the radio. She prefers listening to rock. I don't really have a preference. Whatever's on the radio usually gets tuned out when I start reading or studying," Dani said, smiling at him. "I don't mean you Sam but my older sister, Samantha." She took another drink of her coffee and sighed when it didn't burn her tongue and she could taste the mocha in her coffee.
Dean just shook his head and gave her one of the many phone numbers he had. He hoped he would remember which one it belonged to so that he could pull it out of the glove compartment. "Fine. But if you fall behind, it's not my fault," he told her as he handed the phone back. "Alright, let's go to Stanford." That was a sentence Dean had never thought he would be saying.

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((Actually I was wondering if we could do a thing where sam and Dani got out on a date, and the Samantha and Dean have to spend a night in a hotel room?))

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((I like that))

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((Can you? I've got a migraine so I'm gonna take a nap))

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Sam stood outside Danielle's dorm. This was his first date with anyone in a long time. Actually it was his first date that he actually wanted to go perfect, and where he had a strong feeling it would be. But Sam was still nervous, he wiped his palms on his jeans, and straightened his nice white shirt. He had bought her flowers, Roses. He silently waited, his heart pounded in his chest. It was like he was hunting all over again.
The two of them had stopped in a hotel, it was called the Blue rose, whatever it was with this man and A-D named motels was beyond her. They had been together for about a week, they would be at Stanford in about four days. Sam was currently in their room. The hotel booked the rest of the rooms, and this was the only that was un booked. Who knew a 24 hour run down hotel would be booked? Sam was in the bathroom, and just got out of the shower. She wrapped the towel around her body, and looked down at the floor. She accidentally left her clothes outside, crap! Dean was going to have so much fun with this. She tightened the towel around her body, and opened the bathroom door. She didn't say a word, hoping Dean wouldn't notice her.

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Behind her closed door, she was primping and changing her outfit for the fourth time. Finally, she decided on a flower print dress with a small belt. She checked her hair one las time and then opened the door of her dorm. "Hi Sam," she said, smiling up at him. She saw the roses and her heart beat faster in her chest, her cheeks turning pink. "Oh thank you!" she told him, moving aside to let him in. Her roommate wasn't in and she was glad about that.
Dean had been cleaning his gun while she was in the bathroom, so he was expecting her to be in there for a while longer. When the door opened, he panicked. His gun was in parts on the table. He threw the towel over it and then his eyes widened. A grin spread over his face as he looked at her. "You forget something Sam?" he asked her, his eyes roving up and down her body, not that he could see much

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Sam smiled when Dani opened the door. He remembered how she had recently told him that she was from tennessee, anyone could put the pieces together just by looking at her. She was a typical Southern Belle. Not that he was complaining. "You look... amazing." He walked inside, rather awkwardly. Because of his tall height, he felt slightly cramped in the room, but he didn't really mind. "You have a nice dorm." He told Dani who was still behind him. He turned around, to see that she was closing the door, and he pushed he hand out, giving her the bouquet of flowers, with a dumb grin on his face. He was super nervous.


Samantha, for the first time in her entire life, blushed. She turned away so he couldn't see her doing so. She tried to speak but her throat was suddenly dry so it came out a little airy. "W-what?" She stuttered, "I just... needed my clothes." She was glad her back was too him, so she didn't have to face the grin that was surly on his face. She walked over to her bag, trying to find something to wear. She pulled out a pair of grey sweats and a blue tight t-shirt. She was going to go back to the bathroom but something stopped her. You're supposed to be brave dammit! So what? He'll see your back big deal? Don't let him think he's getting to you! So she slightly turned her head so he could hear her. "Would you mind not looking over here for a few minutes?" Her voice bolder than before."

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Dani blushed again and hid her face in the roses he handed to her. "They're wonderful. Thank you." She went over to one of the shelves and took down a cup. "I'm going to put these in some water," she told him. "You can sit down on my bed." She pointed to a bed with a green comforter. She went into the bathroom and filled the cup with water. Putting the roses in the cup, she set it on her desk, moving some textbooks out of the way so that she could do so.
Dean was still grinning at her back when she asked him not to look. "Alright, I won't look," he said, looking back down at his gun. The tv remote was on the table so he picked it up and turned on the news. He wanted to cover up the sound of his gun as he put it back together. Her asking questions about it would not be very helpful right now.

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"Your Welcome." He fidgeted on his foot, should he really sit on her bed?! But Sam shook his head, he was being paranoid. So he slowly sat down on her bed, as he sat he made a creaking noise do to the mattress spring. He put both his hands on his legs, wiping them off. He needed to relax, and just be him. Or at least the him that wasn't this much of a spaz. "I see you're crammed with studying too? How are you classes going?"
Sam felt that even though he said he wouldn't look, he would be anyway. But she let the towel fall, she quickly put on her sweats, and while doing so, almost screamed when she heard the tv come on. She jumped covered her chest and looked back, noticing the gun while doing so. Her eyes went wide, and she turned back around, and hurriedly put her shirt on. Oh god, Oh god, Oh god. He has a gun! What the hell was I thinking?! I knew the guy for what an hour and I just follow him to find his father? He has a flipping gun! She tried to act like she didn't notice calming her nerves. "I'm all done." she said shakily, she had to get out. How she didn't know just yet.

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"Classes are going great," she told him as she smiled and sat down in her desk chair. "I love all of them, but the reading keeps me up all night. Not that I mind because I love reading," she hurried to tell him. "What about you? How are your classes going? Do you have a favorite?" She propped her chin on the back of her chair, her hands folded in front of it as she looked at him.
Damnit! Dean thought when she jumped and saw his gun. "Look, I can explain, Sam," he said as she turned around. "I'm not a traveling salesman. I am looking for my Dad, and I do need my kid brother's help." He stopped, trying to think of how to explain. Then, he thought of an idea that might just work. "Sam, do you believe in ghosts, poltergeists, ghouls? If you don't, then you should because their real. All those supernatural things are real, and I hunt them. That's the family business."

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Sam smiled back, "I wish I had the same enthusiasm as you do, my classes generally keep me up from the note study, and then the reading. But no, I really don't have a favorite. I just want to be a lawyer, that way I can start helping people." But you were already helping people sammy! Why did you have to abandon me and dad? Why do you want to be some stuck up lawyer? Dean's voice rang through Sam's head, making him loose his smile. Sam shook his head, clearing his thoughts. He was supposed to be putting that behind him right?
Samantha turned around. Her whole body was shaking. The last time she saw a gun was when... she stopped the thought, she met Dean's eyes, and licked her lips. She was about to laugh and say he was joking but, the look on his face... it just showed how dead serious he was. But Samantha wasn't going to fall for it. She let out a laugh. "Oh right. And my dad is Billy Freakin Idol! I'm leaving, and telling the front desk that I've been traveling with a ..." Sam didn't finish the thought. After all a lot of people carried guns, some for protection, some just because it made them feel better. But Dean had to make a story up for her to try and convince her that he was sane. She turned for the door.

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Dani mused, "Helping people, that sounds good." Her thoughts turned to the people that had helped her and Sam to stop their parents from repeatedly killing each other when they were possessed by demons. She still had nightmares from those days. Her parents laughing as they stabbed each other, over and over. Her eyes filled with pain and she had to look away from Sam. She hoped that he didn't see it.
Dean was cussing non-stop in his mind. "You've seen something. I saw it on your face just now. You've seen something supernatural before and someone's come in and taken care of it. They were close to you, too. Well, I've lost someone as well." Dean turned to his gun and started to mess with the pieces, putting it together and then taking it apart again. "When I was 4, my mom got killed. Sammy was a baby. A fire started in his nursery, burned out house down, and my dad's been hunting the thing that killed her since then. That was 22 years ago."

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Sam could see pain flashover Dani's face. Had something happened to her? Did someone not saver fast enough? Should he say anything about it? Everyone had their own secrets, so Sam kept his mouth shut. When she was ready, if ever, she would tell him. "Helping people ... it's something that I've been raised to do. Sometimes it feels like I was born to do it. But anyway enough about that. Do you want to stay in or go out? I set up reservation at this fancy restaurant that my friends have told me about, but we don't have to go if you don't want to."
Samantha stopped, her hand hovered above the door knob. How had he figured me out so easily? Do I have a sign on my forehead? No wait, he's only trying to get under my skin. Two can play at this monster game. Samantha turned around, and crossed her arms over her chest. "Oh yeah? Okay so let's say that I have seen something. But that doesn't mean that I believe in monsters. And look I'm sorry your mom died but you're not going to use that as an excuse to make me stay."

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"Well, I hope you keep helping people Sam. I really do," Dani said, after she had swallowed hard and looked back at him. She put a smile on her face. "Let's go to dinner. It's too nice a night to stay here in these old dorm rooms." She got out of her chair and held her hand out to Sam. She was only a couple of inches taller than him as he sat on her bed.
Dean decided to make one last desperate attempt. "You heard of demons? This things that tempt people and make them do bad things? Well, those are real too. I haven't seen many of them, but I know some of them are out there." He looked away from the table an up at Sam. He got up and walked over to where she was standing by the door. "If you've seen something, I have a hard time believing that you don't believe in monsters. 'Cause once you've seen those things, you can't help but see the monsters."

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Samantha looked up at Dean, her heart pounding, and her mouth parted. How could he have just described what happened to her parents, without her breathing a word about it? She always had said that her parents were not her parents after that, but no one believed her. Not even her therapist who was supposed to be on her side. But no. He said that what happened to her was traumatic, and that her parents were sick. "I've never really... seen or believed in monsters. I just knew that there was something out there that wasn't- shouldn't be real." Sam took a deep breath and closed her eyes for a minute before looking back up at him. Dammit for him being taller than her! "Okay, say that I do believe that your family hunts monsters. I want to see proof before we leave."

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Dean saw the look on her face and knew he'd hit the jackpot. She'd seen demons. "Who was it that stopped the demons? Did they use salt, holy water, and an exorcism?" he asked her, wondering if he knew who they were. He frowned at her next words. "You want proof?" His thoughts raced as he tried to think of a way that he could prove to her that monsters were real. That the things that went bump in the night existed and liked to cause mischief. "I can't prove it to you before we leave," he said slowly. "But I got a call from my dad yesterday when we were on the road. He gave me the name of a town and then hung up. If you come with me to go get Sammy from Stanford, I promise that what you'll see in that town will prove everything that I've told you."

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Samantha let out a sad pained laugh. "You think I know? I just woke up one morning, holding onto my sister because she had a nightmare, and a man walked in. He was young probably in his twenties. He looked just as frightened as I was, but what I remember most was that he had cuts all over him, and his lip was bloody. I only found out later that he killed my... those things, and saved me and my sister." She listened to him carefully, even though she didn't want to walk another step without seeing something that would suddenly make her believe. "Allright." She said when Dean finished. "But I want to get two things straight. As soon as we find your brother, I want a full explanation on all things monster, maybe sooner if your up for it. Two, you have offically lost all trust with me. Now you have to earn back my trust, which means,"Sam paused and held out her hand. "I get your gun for the night. And before you open your mouth, I just found out that you like cleaning your gun. Least you can do is let me hold onto it while I sleep."

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