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H.S.J. Williams | 374 comments Mod
Feel free to discuss excitement over Draven's Light!

Maggie (awildmaggo) | 28 comments So far, it reminds me of the Mines of Moria, which makes me more excited for it :D

Athelas Hale (athelashale) | 39 comments It says, "In the darkness of the pit..." I wonder if this is referring to the Guta's pit?

H.S.J. Williams | 374 comments Mod
I thought about Guta's pit too! It's hard to say...he certainly will show up again, I'm sure.

Jemma (jemmathebookelf) | 50 comments I think the pit would be the Dragon's Realm personally

H.S.J. Williams | 374 comments Mod
Another very likely idea!

Sarah (sarahtaleweaver) | 29 comments I haven't yet made many predictions, but . . . I think Jemma's idea sounds likely. Guta's pit would be interesting, though.

Emily | 87 comments Remind me what Guta's pit is? All I can think is that it's one of the places Eanrin warned Starflower about in the clearing after she woke up in the book Starflower.

Athelas Hale (athelashale) | 39 comments That's right, Emily. I don't have Starflower on hand right now, but in an interview on Hannah's blog (read the whole thing here: Eanrin stated this in response to the question of who would be the most dangerous person in the Wood:

"But which being of the Wood would present the most danger to your pretty self? So many answers may prove true. But I will speak with great caution of the devil Guta and his pit. Many a mortal has fallen prey to Guta. A more fiendish brute you never did meet, for he feasts upon pain itself. Guta is a subtle conniver, and many an evil Path through the Wood will wind its way to the lip of his pit. But keep a wary eye out! Should you spy a tree with branches bare, the trunk twisted and blighted, giving all the appearance of death . . . and yet it is not dead, but goes on living an agonized life . . . Ah! Then you know, Guta’s pit is near. If you see such a tree, avoid it at all costs, fair maid. For you will not see Guta himself in time."

Emily | 87 comments Thanks, good to know! That certainly makes me curious.

H.S.J. Williams | 374 comments Mod
Thanks so much for remembering that snippet about Guta's Pit, Athelas! I can't believe I forgot about it.

Maggie (awildmaggo) | 28 comments I've just pre-ordered it :D

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