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Did anyone else have a hard time with Bianca in this book?
lily lily Jan 20, 2015 06:58PM
Don't get me wrong, the end message in this book was fantastic, and I loved the characters. But, sometimes Bianca made me angry. Her friends were there for her and made it clear that she could talk to them anytime she needed; but she went OUT OF HER WAY to NOT tell them the truth.
Also, she should've held off from dating Toby. If he hadn't be hung up on his ex, he would've been hurt, mad, etc...
I know Bianca needed to date Toby to realize that she cares about Wesley, but I did feel like she should've waited awhile before getting into something. Overall, Bianca was a great and funny character. Does anyone agree or disagrees with me?

So I agree with Molshree on the embarrassment part. I disagree with the Toby part.
I don't think Bianca's intent was to blatantly use him. I mean, she had liked him FOREVER prior to hooking up with Wesley. Yes, she wanted to forget Wesley, but I think she really wanted to be with Toby or thought she did. It's just that once she was, he wasn't who she really wanted. Yes, Toby probably would have been mad if he wasn't over his ex, but it was pretty obvious their chemistry was lacking. Honestly, I felt like it was pretty true to a real life situation - it was a rebound romance. Happens all the time.

lily That's very true. I didn't see it that way, that she thought she liked him. Thanks! ...more
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Aelene (last edited Jan 21, 2015 08:55PM ) Jan 21, 2015 08:54PM   0 votes
I agree.

You've already mentioned 2 points that I don't really like about Bianca :
First, she not telling everything to her friends.
If I were her, I'd told Casey, at least. Or I'd do anything to keep my mind busy (read books?), or get a part-time job, just so I could be anywhere but home.
I mean, she hated Wesley, so running to him should be her last attempt.

Second, she dating Toby, just right after she decided to end things with Wesley.
She could've just been single to realize she cares about Wesley.

Oh my god I´m agree
Why Bianca Why! You had two shoulders to let off steam and just do what you hide. I fully understand the position that takes Bianca 's best friend because she was lying on his face. Even I have been angry too.
But as Toby Im not agree. I think she had to be with him to (finally) realize that she wanted to be with Wesley .

I can see were you guys are coming from and I partly agree. I agree that Bianca not telling her friends all the things that were going on in her life was kind of stupid but I can do see why she did that.
Sometimes when you are embarrassed of yourself and the bad parts about your life it is really hard to reveal that to people who think you are the best thing since sliced bread.
However people who already see you as flawed become easier to talk to.
I do this a lot. It drives my best friends crazy. :P

But the Toby part I totally agree. Its never OK to blatantly use someone. I think the author wrote that in to make us see all the characters (Toby included) as humans rather than some stereotyped one dimensional characters.

One thing that annoyed me about Bianca was how the freshman (?) girl who was being bullied by the cheerleaders was completely forgotten.

lily I agree, that poor girl! If Toby hadn't still liked his ex, he would've been hurt and maybe mad. Thanks for commenting! ...more
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