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message 1: by Meryl (last edited Jan 20, 2015 07:08PM) (new)

Meryl Landau (meryldavidslandau) | 806 comments Mod
Argh. I have to vent. I just watched the pilot for the proposed new Amazon streaming show Down Dog. It's about yoga, so of course they have to make it about a dysfunctional guy who takes over a yoga studio. It would be nice to see a show of a yoga studio owner that wasn't a parody. I know it makes for good comedic foil, but still.

Anyone else seen it, or haven't but have thoughts?

message 2: by BettyBolero (new)

BettyBolero | 4 comments I didn't like it. The main character became a yoga teacher because he was "born high and too stupid to do anything else". His classes are packed with ladies that want to see his body stretch & hope he pats them on their butts. Not funny. Sorry that this characterization is being perpetuated.

message 3: by A'ndrea (Auni) (new)

A'ndrea (Auni) (aunileigh) | 6 comments I didn't like it at all. stupid! I was really hoping for something good.

message 4: by Monette (new)

Monette Chilson (monettechilson) | 66 comments Mod
Thanks for the warning, ladies! Sounds like I will steer clear of this one.

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