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message 1: by Crystal (new)

Crystal   Tubbs (crystal2305) Hello all! My name is Crystal and I've been with GR for a while now...but I was always sort of stop-n-go with it all. Last year I set a tentative goal of 52 books - thinking that I would never get done, or even close. I made it to 50 and got a sort of sick and greedy satisfaction watching the numbers climb on my "Read" shelf.
So this year I want to do it again! But I want to make it 52+
We'll see how that works out.

Luckily, I work at a bookstore so it's not too hard to find new books. Unfortunately I am not allowed to read AT work. :(

message 2: by Crystal (new)

Crystal   Tubbs (crystal2305) I read the first book of the year!
I read The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. I think I'll give it a 4/5. I love the writing and the characters and the voice. My favorite characters ended up being Poppet and Widget. (I am assuming the spelling seeing as I listened to the book.) i even named my cat Widget :)

I think I'm off to a good start!

message 3: by Trinity (new)

Trinity You are doing great! Good luck with your goal, I'm sure you can reach it. ;)

message 4: by Megan, Challenges (last edited Jan 21, 2015 04:12AM) (new)

Megan (lahairoi) | 6288 comments Crystal, your goal sounds great! And I also loved the writing in Night Circus. Working at a bookstore would be hard - like a diabetic working in a candy store;) Happy reading!

message 5: by Crystal (new)

Crystal   Tubbs (crystal2305) I just finished the book Phoenix Island By John Dixon. It was...very interesting. I give it a 3/5. I really liked the premise but I wish it had gone further into the world. Definitely worth a read for fans of adventures and "self-sacrifice for the good of the world" type books.

message 6: by Robyn (new)

Robyn | -15 comments good luck on your goal this year, I have always wanted to work in a book store, perhaps years down the road when I retire I will get to own a little one to pass the time :)

message 7: by Crystal (new)

Crystal   Tubbs (crystal2305) Yeah i like working there, it's so very easy to find new books to read.
That would be amazing, owning your own book store!

message 8: by Cassandra (new)

Cassandra | 5832 comments Good luck with your challenge, Crystal! I read The Night Circus last year and absolutely loved the world and imagery the author created.

message 9: by penneminreads (new)

penneminreads I'm browsing through everybody's challenges and in each thread there's a book that I've got on my list as well, I love this group :)
I'm going to read Nights at the Circus soon, hopefully.

message 10: by penneminreads (new)

penneminreads Whoops, I meant The Night Circus of course ;)

message 11: by Cassandra (new)

Cassandra | 5832 comments I hope you like it, Astrid!

message 12: by Crystal (new)

Crystal   Tubbs (crystal2305) Oh, i loved that book! I like the black/white aspect of it the most I think

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