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Morpheus's Wings

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Julie Laney What do yall think Morpheus's wings look like?

Julie Laney I think they kind of are like black angel wings...

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Julie wrote: "I think they kind of are like black angel wings..."

I agree with you there. Though I haven't read the book in months....

Julie Laney OMG I love this book...I am glad you agree with me. I just wanted to know people's opinions because every time I looked up a pic of him her had butterfly wings. I am now reading Ensnared and let me just say it is so good. I have read all of them in a week. Thanks for putting your opinion....Keep reading!

I'm A Harry Girl :P I have to say, I've always wondered about that and I don't think that they are angel wings because there is never any mention of feathers. They talk about it as a black membrane so I found myself imagining bat wings which I don't want to be true but it fits the most with the descriptions given.

Remember in Splintered, going off memory, not real wording Morpheus had Jeb pinned underneath him when they first met in Wonderland. Morpheus either tried to suffocate and kill Jeb or just deprive him of oxygen long enough to knock him out when he put his wing over Jeb's mouth. Alyssa saw the shape of lips sucking for air through his wings soo...

I don't know but I doubt angel wings. Could be a very thick butterfly type wing but otherwise there really wasn't the proper descriptions about them.

Believe what you want, he'll still be gorgeous either way.. XD

Yeah, I'm Team Morpheus... xxx

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